PROSPER. The Masterclass 

For Kingdom Minded Leaders Called to Multiply and Prosper in Chaotic Times



In This Master Training


5 Character Traits of Multipliers

Everything we DO is a result of who we believe and KNOW we are. What are the Characteristics + Identity of Leaders who multiply + thrive in a world that operates from pressure?

The Prosperity Principles

Moving beyond the 'worlds' system of enslavement to heavenly system of overflow. How to bridge the gap between feeling trapped in our current situation to living a life of prosperity.

Your Calling + Gifting NOW

How to KNOW where God is leading you now. 3 Essential Steps to discerning where you are being called in this season and what the next steps look like. Creating a life of fulfillment + impact + integrity.  

"I went from living a comfy life like a fish swimming mindlessly in a school not realizing what I was doing, totally in scarcity & unfulfilled…to Being the one that broke FREE My life is full of adventure and new relationships. I recently married the love of my life, am living in abundance and learning to lead from my feminine heart. Christine your guidance to create MY life’s masterpiece, defined only by me is truly immeasurable! Without clarity and leaving behind old programs, what you thought you knew, there is no change. "

Denise Cutler

This Workshop is for your if...

  • What got you here isn't‚Äô working anymore. Your business, your health, your relationships need a SHIFT and upgrade but you have no clue what that¬†looks like or how to move forward. All you know is all you've ever known.
  • You feel Trapped by what you've built. Your¬†life, the old version of you - perhaps even the business you've built is now beginning to feel heavy, like an anchor.¬†
  • You¬†see the WORLD is headed in the wrong direction right now and¬†are tired of compromising. and sacrificing what matters most. You KNOW solid leadership and values are essential right now, but are unsure how to navigate these¬†unprecedented¬†times.
  • You are sensing a change of seasons in your life. It‚Äôs TIME to transition into a new role, a new way of doing business and marriage - but you don‚Äôt know HOW or where to start.
  • You feel overwhelmed, disconnected at times from who you are and what you know you are called to be doing.
  • You are living a watered down version of yourself to please everyone around you. Time to reignite the FIRE inside your soul.¬†
  • Are LONGING for MORE - More energy, more connection, more FREEDOM to live life instead of being in a constant grind.
  • You are SEEKING - spiritually and relationally.You are tired of going alone. Putting out constant fires. Living in your HEAD 24/7. You are ready to co-create, collaborate and usher in the NEW.

"I am so grateful to have Christine in my life and absolutely LOVE working with her. All the work I have done and continue to do transcends into every aspect of my life. My work, my business, my kids….everything!"

Kim Bertrand

Christine Jewell - Your Master Coach

Holistic Executive & High Performance Coach to impact driven leaders who long for a life of ultimate freedom +  meaningful relationships + lasting fulfillment. 

My gift is being able to see your blind spots, get to the root causes of issues and give you a clear WAY to bridge the gaps between being a success at "work" and really winning in LIFE.  From being a pawn in the rat race to leading a life that energizes you in every area - emotionally, mentally and physically.

I am intimately familiar with the overwhelm and weight of responsibility that comes from trying to "hold it all together" for those we love. 

And... I also KNOW what’s possible on the other side when we stop chasing the things of the world, operating in a pressure cooker - and choose to get things in the right order.

I have been running my own businesses for the past 2 decades profitably - while also raising 3 children (now 6 through a blended family), performing at a World Class Level in Athletics, marrying the love of my life and fully stepping into the most powerful season of my life!

Time to put GOD first, get into full integrity to your values and gifts - and MOVE in the direction you are called to LEAD right now.

This is YOUR SEASON. Let's go! 


"I encourage anyone facing tough life transitions or feeling overwhelmed with the stress of living the world's way to consider the Immersion experience. Christine's loving but direct style of coaching will guide you to make the improvements in your life that your mind, body and spirit is craving!"

Chelsea Wichern

Learn the 5 Characteristics of Leaders who prosper in all arenas of life and start seeing your life shift within weeks!

The training starts soon! Grab your seat and get ready!