Are you LIVING your life as a  CLEAR, Confident, Power filled LEADER...

or as a SLAVE to everything and everyone else? 


Here's the hard truth.

Many are called to LEAD a powerful God Given MISSION, to LIVE fully and LOVE fiercely, but few will actually say yes to the call + STEP UP and MOVE in that direction.

They are still SLAVES to everything else - their business, other people's opinions + agendas, outdated systems and ways of doing things.

Join me in this POTENT training as I unpack the 3 KEYS of KINGDOM LEADERSHIP so you can finally break free from the chains of the past, become EQUIPPED to LEAD differently and EMPOWERED to carve the path forward in a bold, new way.

This way is Spirit Led. Crystal Clear. Unwavering. 

Are you ready for the RECLAMATION?

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Why are so many Kingdom Minded Men and Women not experiencing the FULLNESS of LIFE they are created for?

I believe it’s because we are unconsciously choosing to remain ENSLAVED.

As a result, we keep LOSING OUT on everything that is MEANT for us. 

What are the symptoms of this? 

We are stressed to the gills, caught in our heads 24/7 - anxious and desperate to BREAK FREE from the chains that bind us. Maybe in marriages that are 'fine' but lacking in intimacy and connection. We are captive to the ways of the past, stuck in people pleasing roles, reactive - putting out constant fires and striving for status + growth by our OWN means.

We want to carve a way out and do it DIFFERENTLY - but how? 

That’s exactly what I am unpacking in this upcoming LIVE Masterclass.

Join this ON-DEMAND Masterclass on RECLAIMING, RESTORING and REBUILDING the LIFE, business, relationships you are CREATED for.


This is for you if:

  • You long to RECLAIM everything that has been LOST or STOLEN along the way from your own lifetime or the generations before you. The love, the wealth, the health.
  • You desire to build a POTENT and LASTING marriage, business, vision, legacy  with GOD at the center of it all.
  • You KNOW it is TIME for your next level of LEADERSHIP to AWAKEN.
  • You are DONE trying to figure everything out on your own  
  • You are done living like a machine fighting an internal tug of war between two worlds
  • You are in a position of leadership and influence or feeling the CALL to RISE into such
  • You are willing to go against the grain, carve the NEW path and be ok with ruffling  feathers along the way.
  • You are the ONE called to BREAK the generational patterns and carve a new way forward for yourself, your children and your childrens’ children.
  • You are HUNGRY to experience the depth + intimacy that comes from walking with the Spirit daily.

Do not miss this potent transmission.

I will diving into topics I guarantee NO ONE is speaking to  you directly about.

Breaking Chains The Masterclass