Transformational COACH & SOUL Mentor for Conscious Leaders  RISING into their Next Level of Leadership while Cultivating an Extraordinary life RICH in Love, Freedom & Adventure



You are Men AND Women who have trained your entire lives to drive for something GREATER. You are known as the ALPHA Men and Women. The HIGH Achievers and PERFORMERS.

Nothing about you likes to settle.

You don’t do mediocrity.

There is an insatiable APPETITE inside you that KNOWS you are created for something MORE than what you have already been living and THAT is exactly why you are here.

You just can't put your finger on WHAT that MORE is, exactly.

You have a lifetime of successes and achievements to show for all your HARD work.

But all that chasing, accumulating, and achieving has led to EMPTY GATES. It has not led you to experience and embody:

⚜️The DEEP LOVE you crave,

⚜️The FREEDOM from the prison of your MIND

⚜️The EXCITEMENT in your SOUL,

⚜️The PEACE in your BODY or the

⚜️To the KNOWING in your HEART that you are in full and complete alignment to your soul’s purpose here on this planet.

 In fact, it's left you WONDERING and WANDERING...


Deep inside, you KNOW....

What got you here won't get you there.

It is time to up-level the playing field and enter into a NEW SPACE, a space that is BEYOND the world of the Ego or Logic. Beyond the OLD ways of doing and BEING. A world beyond the battles, strategies and games we have been taught to play. 

A world where the MEN and WOMEN who were once PROUD WARRIORS are being called to RISE as KING and QUEEN.


And THAT is exactly WHY I am here. 


I am Christine Jewell and you may know me as the Queen of Hearts.

As a Fierce Warrior Spirit myself who has gone through her own Initiation, I am on a MISSION to help LOST Warriors come back to the POWER of the HEART.

I have lived through deaths and rebirths with each evolution of my soul, and continue to do so in wonder and anticipation.

I have burned the old ways that no longer serve me, and have devoted myself wholeheartedly to my work as a QUEEN who knows what she is here to do and who she is here to serve. 

I have healed my physical body, found deep relaxation within and learned to tune into the innate wisdom and intelligence of this vessel.

I have called in my KING and experienced the RAREST of Love Affairs, after years of cycling through unfulfilling and empty relationships fueled by mistrust in the Masculine.

I have cultivated an incredible relationship with GOD as my ultimate guide and support. This has given me the gift of PEACE and freedom like no other.



My GIFTING is bringing together SOUL & SCIENCE to help support you in this journey through NEW GATES  where we operate and experience life in a completely different playing field, that of 5D Consciousness & GOD at the Center of ALL things. 

My Approach is:


There is nothing surface level or fluffy about this work. A KING or QUEEN do not 'look away'. They look within and are willing to go to depths and explore what others will not. THIS is why they are richly rewarded with treasures others will only dream of. 

We go to the roots, to discover - to unearth - to heal - and yes to NOURISH.


We do the work so we can APPLY this to real life. We explore so we can LIVE it. And so it is.  I take what feels intangible and break it down so it becomes tangible and within reach. 


This is not about "knowing more in your head". It is about getting it IN your body.  REAL SHIFTS in frequency and reality happen when the BODY adapts to this new energy and can hold it sustainably. It now becomes the familiar home of your nervous system and automated responses.  In simple terms, a LOT of my work is IN the BODY - for it is - IN your body that you experience all things.


I do nothing without consulting the Holy Spirit. GOD is the integral source of all my work and practices, therefore this first and foremost a spiritual awakening,  a reconnection with your SOUL, and developing a new alliance with GOD as the ultimate source of leadership and wisdom. 

MY WORK encompasses Personal Leadership, Energy Mastery, Heart Awakening, Deep Healing, and SOUL ALIGNMENT.


We align to our true NATURE as masculine and feminine. As KINGS and QUEENS who are in love, devotion, and service to each other. 

We align to our true Genius and Divine GIFTS. Each of us carries a unique genius that is waiting to be unleashed in the world. Only once you come back to your TRUE NATURE are you able to access and bring these gifts to the world.

We align our HEARTS to be open and receptive to DEEPER, more intimate LOVE. In doing so, we open the floodgates to a depth and power never experienced before. This type of LOVE and Sacred Union between each other becomes an unstoppable force.

So, if you are truly READY to RECEIVE more than you could ever imagine and CLAIM the RICH life you were created for:  in your RELATIONSHIPS. In your BODY. In your SPIRIT

Let's Begin.



START HERE:  Book a Discovery  90 Minute Discovery Call 

For those unsure where to start.  Our one-on-one 90 Minute Session allows us to

  • DISCOVER where you are today - physically, emotionally, mentally - spiritually
  • DIG INTO what is holding you back from experiencing a life of clarity, fulfillment, and alignment 
  • CLARIFY WHAT the next steps are for you


For WARRIORS who are ready to RISE as KINGS and LEAD extraordinary lives: Rich in Love, Freedom, and Adventure

My most sacred & Intimate container held for MEN who are truly done living on the battlefield of life as a LONE Warrior and want to PLAY in a NEW SPACE.

Specifically for those who are done with the games of the world, implementing old battle strategies, chasing false success or empty love, leaving you mentally exhausted and longing for MORE. 

It's a Journey beyond the world of LOGIC, into the extraordinary space of the supernatural, where time, energy, and money work WITH you. This is the space where you'll experience the intimate LOVE affair with a WOMAN who sees all of you, deeply desires you, and will stand next to you in devotion.

The 6 Month Journey encompasses training, practices, tools, rituals, and experiences to EMBODY this new state.

Personal & Physical Mastery  ⚜️ Heart Opening  ⚜️ Spiritual Awakening ⚜️ Courageous Leadership


For those who want an intimate experience to focus 100% on them in a beautiful setting - away from any and all distractions. This is where we go deep fast into any arena & don't hold back. We will spend the entire day releasing, restoring, and co-creating together through a blend of practices and techniques best served to support you.

There is preparation work to do prior to the day's experience together as well as integration work after the event. Immersion days are full-day experiences held in amazing locations.  

Truly my most life-giving work. Book a call with me here to inquire further. 





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