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Christine Jewell


Christine Jewell is a Faith Based Executive Coach, Author & Speaker where she helps ultra high achievers move beyond the superficial “life” they’ve built into a whole new playing field - where unshakable relationships, true freedom & fulfillment in every area are the norm, not the exception.

Christine bridges the gap between the spiritual & practical, making KINGDOM principles tactical and relevant to everyday leadership. Through her signature process, She empowers clients in transition to boldly step into their next season of leadership and calling.

As a mother of 6, ages 6-20, through a blended family, a wife, and lifetime business owner, she is intimately familiar with the overwhelm and burnout that can come when building a ‘dream’ life, as well as what’s possible on the other side.

Her vision is to create a powerful movement of men and women who are breaking free from the grind + forging NEW paths forward, curating a climate where families + communities are thriving - not merely surviving!

Tim Gutwein

I met Christine at a company event.
At the time I was struggling with several personal and work related things.
I had recently been divorced and had a lot of pain and brokenness from that and found myself in a new relationship with someone who also had their own issues.
On top of that, I was dealing with a
dysfunctional management team at my business.
Christine was able to help me develop tools to understand and deal with these situations. The main thing that has helped me is understanding the importance of CLARITY. Once I have clarity on a matter, I set specific expectations for myself and those around me and we begin to move in a positive direction. Without clarity, there is no direction and I found myself stuck and unable to make progress.
Some will join me in that clarity and some won’t and that’s okay!

Heather Plumski

I have been impacted in many ways by Christine's work - a standout in her work is certainly an uncanny ability to get to the core of people so that the work starts deep within and works outward. The raw realness that she is able to pull out of groups of people from all walks is inspirational. The Holy Spirit is always lighting the way and shines deeply in her work.


Denise Cutler

I went from living a "COMFORTABLE" + MUNDANE life To LEADING A life is FULL of VARIETY, adventure and new relationships.

I was like a fish swimming mindlessly in a school.
Not realizing what I was doing - LIVING IN total scarcity.


Today I’m the fish that broke free! I'm INFLUENCING AND LEADING OTHERS.

I’m getting married to the love of my life! I AM LIVING in abundance and learning to lead from my feminine heart.


Topics I've Spoken On


How to break down walls and create greater unity inside teams, families and organizations

5 Keys to Overcoming Challenges, Shifting the Game and Gaining Powerful Forward Momentum

Cultivating TRUST + RESPECT
How to build solid foundations + a powerful team that moves mountains

Redefining Success + Upgrading the Fuel that drives us so we can increase more of the RIGHT things

Ditching the addiction to burnout for a life of freedom + fulfillment + impact

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