Faith-Based Executive Coaching for Ultra-High Performing Business Leaders 

Build Unshakable Relationships, Step Into a Greater Vision & Lead With Deeper Faith.



You’ve spent a lifetime building your success.

Now, it’s time to rebuild your life.

Whether you are flying around in a private jet, making high-stakes decisions for your corporation, or closing the next 8-figure deal… You can’t escape the constant, nagging feeling of dissatisfaction and reality that your marriage and life behind the scenes are slowly falling apart.

Is there a restless inside you can't seem to shake?

Your marriage has become unfulfilling. Perhaps you are on the brink of collapse, operating like roommates - and you know it could be so much better, stronger, united on a shared path - but you can't seem to bridge the gap between you.

You’ve missed out on so much of your kid's lives, caught up in the demands of running a company and pursuing growth. Now you're recognizing time is of the essence. You want a real relationship with them.

You are anxious, unsettled and overwhelmed on the inside… even though no one would ever know that. 

On the outside, it appears you have it all. On the inside, there is a gaping hole. An emptiness that nothing seems to subdue.

You are asking… What’s NEXT?

You are doing all the “right things” according to the world's standards, but feeling COMPLETELY disconnected from God.

It's time to do something DIFFERENT.

You’re not alone.

I’ve helped countless warriors just like you learn to fight differently.

I've been where you are.

Hi, I'm Christine, 

I’m here to show you there’s another way.

To ignite a level of LOVE, PEACE, and FREEDOM that even the highest levels of success will never provide.

For years, I’ve coached C-Suite executives, entrepreneurs, founders, and business leaders learn to move, play, and operate in the world beyond forced action, drop the walls of protective armor around their hearts, and tune into their heart’s true mission + God given Calling.

If you’ve built “the dream” but feel like you aren’t experiencing the fruits of your labor and are wondering what’s next, you’re in the right place.

As a certified high-performance coach, holistic health practitioner, and Christ-centered mentor, I bring together timeless principles for success in every area of life with a tactical, on the ground approach to help executives and founders cultivate a life that they deeply love while fulfilling their Kingdom Calling.


Work With Christine


Release The Past, Ignite Your Faith, and Unlock An Extraordinary Life

Written for the ultra-high achiever who has been longing to find a way to bridge the gap between earthly pursuits and the peace and fulfillment that only comes by living according to faith.

It is the path to becoming a NEW kind of Warrior. One who LOVES, LEADS and FIGHT different.



The BREAKING CHAINS Podcast is designed to help you ditch the operating systems of this world that are keeping you enslaved in the grind, playing from behind and instead …Launch you into the territory of true FREEDOM + FULFILMENT + IMPACT as you align every arena of life to timeless KINGDOM Principles. SHIFT your perspective, upgrade your belief systems, and position yourself to prosper in all arenas; relationships, health, wealth & purpose.



1:1 Mentorship for Alpha men and women ready to enter into a NEW SPACE, a space BEYOND the world of the Ego or Logic.
BEYOND the OLD ways of doing and BEING.
BEYOND the battles, strategies, and games we have been taught to play.
A world where the MEN and WOMEN who were once PROUD WARRIORS are being called to RISE as KING and QUEEN.


"I have been impacted in many ways by Christine's work - a standout is certainly her uncanny ability to get to the core of people so that the work starts deep within and works outward. The raw realness that she is able to pull out of groups of people from all walks of life is inspirational. The Holy Spirit is always lighting your way and shines deeply in her work. "

Heather Plumski
CFO, Stearns Bank

"Christine takes it to ANOTHER LEVEL Deeper than anything I’ve done before. She helped me find ways to SHOW UP BETTER and more INTENTIONALLY in my RELATIONSHIP with my WIFE and helped me create more CLARITY in the LIFE I’m CREATING."

John Anderson

""She transformed me. She made me SEE MYSELF and my relationship with others in new ways. She was one part beacon, shining a light on the things I did over and over again but couldn't see. She was also a guide, helping me find new ways to produce different outcomes. And she was an unwavering coach, always smiling but being firm when needed. She helped to give me insights, a strategy and the tools to create positive change in my life. And for that I'm eternally grateful. I can't recommend her enough.”"

⚜️ Lara McCulloch ⚜️
Brand Strategist

"Coming off a 65 day tax season marathon I can tell you it was my most successful tax season yet, as a Partner, but most importantly as a husband and father. I am down over 18 lbs, my health is in a totally different place, my relationships are deepening and I just closed my most successful year of billing. I have clarified goals, new habits, new tools... I can only IMAGINE how amazing the rest of the year will be. I would highly recommend anyone with high ambitions work with Christine. In 6 months it has paid for itself 3 times over"

⚜️ Tim M ⚜️
Managing Partner BLR

"I went from living a "COMFORTABLE" + MUNDANE life To LEADING A life is FULL of VARIETY, adventure and new relationships. I was like a fish swimming mindlessly in a school. Not realizing what I was doing - LIVING IN total scarcity. Unfulfilled Today I’m the fish that broke free! I'm INFLUENCING AND LEADING OTHERS. I’m getting married to the love of my life! I AM LIVING in abundance and learning to lead from my feminine heart."

Denise Cutler

"Through our coaching - it’s the first time I am able to live IN the moment - have peace with who I am and what I’m choosing. This is the first time that I can honestly get triggered - have awareness in the moment, redirect myself and not beat myself up. My mind is calm and I’m listening to my body for the first time! When we started I was so emotionally exhausted. I know my gifts and this forms every decision I make. I know what matters to me and makes me a better wife, mother, equestrian."

Michelle T Jardes


Corporate Speaking | Keynote Speaking | Immersive Onsite Workshops for high-performance Executives and Founders. A company can’t thrive if its leaders aren’t thriving. If you are looking to expand the capacity of your team, cast a huge vision, and bring everyone on your team into full alignment.