All In


Another layer of a MANS HEART has been revealed to me
This morning I was reminded once again with laser PRECISION that a MAN’s heart is fierce, loving, passionate and…
Territorial. 🔥♥️

Let me explain.

I believe a MAN’s heart is a reflection of GOD’s own Masculine heart.
Lately, the Masculine HEART of God has been pursuing me like wildfire
His words coming through me loud and clear.
I want to lead you.
I want to show up for you.
I want to come through for you.
I want to support you, provide for you
and be your ROCK.
Most importantly I want you to TRUST me

Men, can you relate here?

His heart goes on....
I AM the fortress to your garden
I AM the shelter to your storms,
The direction in the midst of chaos ,
The structure that allows you to FLOW,
Like the banks of a river holding you firmly
when you roar wildly or move gracefully
I AM the LOVER, Leader, Protector you have been seeking.
I WANT ALL of you.
Not part of you.
Not some of you,
Not some of the time.
I WANT your devotion, your presence.
I WANT intimacy with you.
I WANT to share my Kingdom and the wildest adventures with you.
I WANT to experience ALL of your presence just as you crave to experience ALL of mine.
I will love you fiercely
I provide for you consistently,
I will CHERISH you as the CROWN of creation you are.
But I WILL NOT Share you.
I certainly will not share your devotion with other “Gods” and useless distractions that pull you further away from me,
just as your husband doesn’t want to share you with other Men, he doesn’t want to compete for your affection.

Ah, yes. There is something wild, fierce and territorial about GOD’s heart and a MAN’s heart.

And as a woman, I can say this is REFRESHING, liberating and incredibly ATTRACTIVE.
Because as a WOMAN, I too
WANT you to Want ALL of me.
Not part of me.

I WANT to be pursued.
I WANT you to show up FOR me.
Not some of the time. But to know I can count on you, in the brightest moments and darkest of nights.
I WANT to know I can REST in the shelter of your arms without judgement.
That you ACCEPT me as I AM.
That you SEE ME. HEAR me. FEEL me.
A Man’s HEART is a reflection of God’s Masculine Heart.
THAT kind of HEART?

It CALLS to a WOMAN and draws in HER unwavering devotion. If you show up for her this way, She WILL be yours forever.

This is such a beautiful lesson on how to LOVE my earthy King, and husband - Mark.
He doesn’t want some of me,
he wants ALL of me.
He doesn’t want to share me with others.
He wants to know I am HIS, and only HIS.
That he is the ONLY MAN in my eyes.
For years, I didn’t fully GET this.
I was not ALL IN.

I will admit:

To be fully Devoted to ONE MAN felt way to terrifying.
What if he didn’t come through?
What if he hurt me?
Betrayed me?
Left me?

My love life was a reflection of my spiritual walk, half in, dabbling in many things that felt “kinda right” and “mostly good” but my soul was NOT at rest.
So I remained fiercely independent,
IN relationships but truly feeling ALONE
Not fully trusting the Masculine Heart
Not allowing the Feminine heart to be revealed.
I am so grateful that GOD pursued me,
Called me back to HIS own heart
And humbled me

Today I can confidently say,
the KEY to a SUPER-NATUAL Relationship is to

IN love, IN devotion, IN service to each other.


My Dear Warrior,
Where have you been seeking deep love  But showing up “halfway”?
Where have you been flirting around
With things that bring you moments
Of Superficial bliss
Yet, no lasting DEPTH?
Where have you been robbing yourself
Of this deep, rich love affair?

I believe God is calling us back.

He is pursuing our hearts to
Come home to our original design
To be ALL IN
With him
With each other
With our Mission

We are here to RISE as Warriors of the HEART, Kings and Queens IN love

Co-creating our Kingdoms here on earth
with HIM at the Center of it ALL.

Are you willing to GO there and unlock this wild, fierce - loving part OF you?