Episode 104: The Power of Solitude; Identity Series Part 2

Uncategorized Jul 12, 2023

"Who are you when no one is watching?"

Welcome back to Part 2 of the Identity Series. Today we are diving into the topic of  SOLITUDE and discovering who we are beneath all the layers of noise and external labels. I trust you will get to know yourself better from today's episode! 

Being alone for any extended period of time is one of the most terrifying things for so many. On the other hand, a moment alone is also the one thing we crave but can’t seem to get enough of in the busyness of life. Not only does solitude give us relief from all the noise - but it reveals who we truly are, especially when we incorporate it as a practice. 

There are depths to our being that we aren’t even aware of yet. We keep playing at the surface; but God is wanting to reveal so many deeper - richer - layers of ourselves when we meet him in the quiet place, free from the distractions of the world. 

In this episode, we are unpacking 

  • 3 steps to embrace SOLITUDE for better relationships
  • How spending time alone makes you even more attractive to others and adds life to your marriage 
  •  A personal story on marriage + passion + chemistry and more 
  • Key questions to ask yourself if you want to discover more of who you really are in this season of life
  • Embracing the FULL range of who you are, versus just the versions you want to show the world

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