Episode 108: Throwback Week 2 - The Power of Partnership with Mark

Uncategorized Aug 09, 2023

"Integrity: the state of being WHOLE or UNDIVIDED. Soundness. Completeness"

For the second week on The Untamed Life, I’m gearing up for my upcoming relationship workshop, Mastering the Art of Communication, with a throwback from one of my most popular episodes.

This week we’re revisiting one of the most unique recordings, Getting into INTEGRITY with my husband Mark. The energy of this episode was created by the lush greenery + abundant life we enjoyed while recording in a treehouse in Mexico!

In this throwback, we unpack:

  • What integrity means to us right now
  • The power of DECLARATIONS over your life + how they advance your mission
  • In today’s episode we Unpack 
  • Cleaning up Impurities that rise to the surface
  • SUSTAINING the new life you WANT
  • The SEASON of Re-aligning 
  • Creating INTEGRITY + ALIGNMENT in your business
  • COMPASSION + GRACE through the process
  • FEMININE + MASCULINE Integrity  


Whether you spend time in a treehouse, mountain cabin, beach hut, or your sacred space at home, God designed you for a THRIVING marriage. Are you ready to elevate your relationship to the next level? Join me on August 11 for the Relationship Mastery - Art of COMMUNICATION 1/2 day workshop. RSVP now [https://christineline.mykajabi.com/relationship-workshop] to break down communication barriers that limit our God-given ability to CREATE + MULTIPLY within the relationships in our lives.


To learn more about private or group coaching, apply here. https://linktr.ee/christinejewell


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