Episode 109: The Art of Play to Unlock Creativity + Healing

Uncategorized Aug 16, 2023

"Your inner child's love language is play.”


This week on the Untamed Life, I dive into the liberating journey of breaking free from the weight of perpetual problem-solving and embracing a more lighthearted, creative existence. 


We are after all infinite creative BEINGS! Yet, we have a tendency to become weighed down in the seriousness of life and in turn disconnect from our inner playfulness.  


When we do that for an extended period of time,  it’s as if the life force sucks right out of us. By shifting  our focus from external controls to nurturing our internal environment, we can uncover the fascinating space of our inner child & the power of play. 


In this episode, I uncover the transformative potential of infusing our lives with childlike wonder and discuss how to:

  • Shift Focus to Internal Control
  • Reconnect with Your Inner Child
  • Balance Responsibility with Play


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