Episode 110: The Power of Journaling: 5 Steps to Growth + Discovery

Uncategorized Aug 23, 2023

"We have a greater responsibility to prosper and steward wealth to be multipliers.”


This week on the Untamed Life, I explore the pervasive issue we all encounter—how to stay clear and focused amidst the constant barrage of chaos and distractions that modern life throws our way. 


Do you struggle determining what truly deserves your precious attention amidst a never-ending to-do list? Unresolved tasks, unaddressed debts, and missing infrastructures: they hold us back from achieving what God has planned for our lives. 


Begin to shift your focus from survival-based questions to Kingdom-level questions. What is your long-term vision and purpose? This shift in questioning can help you gain clarity and prioritize what truly matters.


In this episode, I unpack how you can align your actions, mindset, and infrastructure with your deeper purpose, including how to:

  • Elevate Your Questions: 
  • Master Foundational Habits
  • Build Essential Infrastructures


These practices provide a clear pathway to aligning your actions with your goals, enhancing productivity, and maintaining a sense of purpose in the midst of chaos.


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