Episode 111: Our Way vs His Way: Increasing your Capacity to Receive

Uncategorized Aug 30, 2023

In today's episode, we're talking about being stretched. 


Stretched in our capacity to receive… stretched in the reorganization of what we think is POSSIBLE. 


How often do we limit ourselves? Limit what we're willing to receive? Limit what we're capable of receiving, based on what we think we can accomplish or do by our own means? We even limit what we ask God for, what we think HE can do. 


Recently I had a personal experience before hosting the women's retreat where I asked God to stretch my capacity to receive, and boy… did he SHOW UP. 


So in today's episode, I'm sharing…

  • The stretching process as we are growing in our capacity
  • Who are you when you're being stretched? 
  • How do you handle yourself while you're being stretched into the next version? 
  • The unexpected unplanned ways that God comes through with even more when we get out of the way.
  • Our plans and our way are so limiting versus when we allow him to step in with his plans and his way. 
  • Surrendering, relaxing and trusting in the process of being stretched. 


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