Episode 115: 7 Steps to Healing

Uncategorized Sep 27, 2023

Most of us have a ton of emotional and mental weight we are carrying around 24/7. You know that elephant that always seems to be sitting on your chest? That thing that feels like the weight of the world. 


Here’s the truth; so much of that mental, emotional - and yes - physical weight you’ve been packing on - has nothing to do with needing an extra workout, although that definitely helps.


It has 100% to do with HOW you are CLEANING UP and processing what’s inside you. HOW you are training yourself to move through these difficult times. The divorce, the affair, the employee leaving and stealing business, the team members who are creating internal division, the spouse who is non responsive, the kids who are struggling… You get it.


We’ve got a lot of cleanup, processing and healing to do if we are going to move forward lighter, mentally sharper, more energized and excited to do life again.


BUT many of us are completely unaware of the stages or steps that take place during this process making it really difficult to get the support we need, let alone support others in their healing journey. 

In this episode, I unpack

  • The 7 specific stages of healing
  • From Shock and Denial to operating from Love 
  • The ‘timelines’ for each stage
  • What you might be experiencing in each of these ‘stages’
  • How to be kinder to yourself (and others) in the process
  • New insight, understanding and rules of engagement at each stage!


I encourage you to reflect on your own healing journey and consider where you may be in this process. There is no fixed timeline for healing. Some people choose to be stuck in a stage for month, years or even decades. That doesn’t have to be your story.


Self-awareness, surrender, and trust in the process play crucial roles in our progression and growth.


I hope tuning into today’s session will give you a renewed understanding of where you are at. I trust it will give you permission to slow down, reflect and be kinder to yourself in this process - and to others who are on their own path. 


In doing so, you I KNOW you will experience more internal and external freedom, way more peace and new upgraded relationships!


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