Episode 116: [FOMO] Redefining Our Values and Prioritizing What Matters!

Uncategorized Oct 04, 2023



Who doesn’t have it? 


Fear. Of. Missing. Out.


Oh those opportunities knocking at your door!! 

Opportunities to get ahead, to close one more deal, to get that shiny new “toy”,

to knock off that extra achievement/win off our list. 


Opportunities to “meet the right people”, get in the “right” room, be where the “action” is… 

To be liked. To be needed. To be wanted. 


FOMO is real. And so is all the anxiety and fallout that comes with it.


In this episode I’m flipping FOMO on its head and giving you a  fresh perspective on how to look at it for what it actually is, a thief of your joy and peace. 


I'm also going to share the one SHIFT and a simple clear process that will reintroduce balance, calm, and yes - JOY - back into your life. 


Today's episode is all about REDEFINING SUCCESS by 


  1. Getting clear on what matters most
  2. Turning things inside out and upside down from the traditional ways of getting ahead.  
  3.  Embracing a new outlook and WAY of living as to what we say YES or NO to


In this episode, I’m covering:


  • The root causes of FOMO and fear-driven mindset that often leads to burnout/numbness/disconnection.
  • How to figure out what REALLY matters to you + How to align your actions/life with them.
  • The PERMISSION you must give yourself to free yourself.  
  • The impact of compromising your values on relationships, well-being, and overall happiness.
  • A practical exercise to help you clarify your values and prioritize what truly matters in your life.



BONUS! FREE DOWNLOAD Today's episode comes with a downloadable worksheet to help You work through this process step by step.  Download here. 


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