Episode 119: Redefining the Idea of Work

Uncategorized Oct 25, 2023

Today's topic that has been a game-changer in my own life: 

Redefining the definition of ‘work’ + clarifying what the most important work is.


It's a journey I embarked on a few years back when I hit my perfect storm – a time when everything in my business, my body, and my relationships came to a total burndown moment.  For years, I had been ‘working my butt off’, trying to fit more and more into my already overstuffed life - never quite living up to my expectations. Disappointed. Exhausted. Overwhelmed. Something had to give…


But I had so much more WORK to do. How would I ever get it all done? 


From the ashes, I discovered a profound truth: when we change the way we think and redefine our ideas around success, everything else falls into place.


In today’s episode I am unpacking...

  • What if we've got work all wrong? 
  • Debunking the idea that work has to be hard
  • What if there is a sustainable, enjoyable way to approach what we do every day?
  • Slowing down to speed up. The key that changes the game
  • Creating room mentally/physically and emotionally for the work to be effortless
  • Finding a rhythm that allows for both sprints and marathons.


Today, I challenge you to redefine what work means to you. Let's reshape the narrative around work and life together. Remember, you were created for life that's not just productive but deeply fulfilling.


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