Episode 128: Reflections from 2023 - Wisdom Earned!

Uncategorized Dec 27, 2023

Alright, let's get personal! I'm about to spill the beans on 10 lessons that lit up and shifted my world in 2023.

These lessons prepared me and paved the way for the road ahead. Wisdom, you know, can be acquired in one of two ways. The first is the hard way – these are the lessons we learn through challenging times, the fires we walk through that burn the old away and shape our character for the NEW.  This is where we are forced through the internal work required to become the person worthy of receiving and managing well the next chapter of life we are looking forward to.

The second way wisdom is passed on is by RECEIVING it from those who have gone before us: through mentorship, coaching, and hearing others experiences. The Key is actually receiving and applying it to be more than just entertainment! This way - we literally begin to collapse timelines and accelerate growth. We don’t have to struggle nearly as long or make it as hard as the ‘earned’ path. We move forward by Leaning IN to the wisdom being handed down and embracing the change + preparing for it - rather 

Before we jump in, I encourage you to adopt a childlike wonder, faith, and a student's heart. For those of you who have been in the mindset, leadership development and spiritual growth game for a while - It's easy to think, "I already know this," but danger lies in that attitude! Nothing could stump our progress faster than a prideful mindset and ego-driven posture. 

And there goes lesson #1! For each lesson I am giving you words of truth and life to back it up! I pray you RECEIVE this wisdom and embrace it in your own life.  

Here are a few of those Takeaways to Warm your Palette!

  • UNIFICATION leads to MULTIPLICATION: meaning - if you want to accomplish EPIC things then you better get the RIGHT people together and it starts with your key relationships. Your marriage is the #1 place to get on the SAME PAGE if you want exponential increase. If you are over there praying for a miracle to happen, but you are disrespecting your wife/husband - expect things NOT to manifest. You need to hear this. 
  • It’s Not Always about ME (or YOU)- You can be doing your BEST WORK and still have others NOT receive it. You can  do ALL the right things and POUR all your Heart into people and they may still choose to mistrust/question/doubt/create stories about you. We get super discouraged when we make it about US, acting like we are doing it for them. I realized I am not doing it for them or their approval. I am doing it as an act of love and obedience for GOD. And what matters is what HE sees - our HEART.
  • Keep on LOVING - because that’s what LOVE does.
  • GENEROSITY breeds PROSPERITY. Shifting our focus from profit/loss to blessing & outpouring shifted the game for us! We are re-energized in our relationship with money, have taken back stewardship over all resources and are hitting the greatest giving goals in our history.
  • Clear Intentions + Automated Actions = Exponential Results! Faith without works (actions) to back it up is useless. Actions without faith are also useless. But when you combine the two and add automation to accelerate it, watch out! 

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