Episode 129: Next Level Marriage: Supernatural Unification

Uncategorized Jan 03, 2024

Ready to NEXT LEVEL your Marriage? 

Then it’s time for UNIFICATION - because as I mentioned last week, unification leads to MULTIPLICATION.

Today, I'm bringing the energy and our word of the year from Winter Park, Colorado, where Mark and I are doing our annual play and purpose getaway for our anniversary week. In today’s episode I am revealing our word of the year - SUPERNATURAL UNITY.

And I'm here to encourage you to not make this time of year about just another calendar flip. I'm challenging you to see this as the kickoff to a fresh season and upgraded chapter in your life as both an individual - and as a POWER Couple!

In todays episode we unpacked:

Our latest season of SETTLING. 

  • Not for ‘less than’ what God had for us, but to PREPARE us for what’s ahead!
  • What is actually meant and why it was necessary for new foundations

The Journey from Fierce Independence to Unification in ALL arenas!

  • "Supernatural Unity," inviting the Holy Spirit to guide, unify, and multiply us in every aspect of our lives, including marriage, parenting, and business.

Confronting Friction and Misalignments:

  • Face areas of friction and misalignment in relationships with courage and openness.
  • Engage in crucial conversations about fears, resentments, and misalignments to foster growth and unity in partnerships.

Courageous Conversations for Rare Growth:

  • Most couples will stay in MEDIOCRE relationships because they lack real communication
  • If you want an extraordinary relationship, it requires extraordinary communication
  • Discussions that are game-changers, paving the way for rare and transformative growth.

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