Episode 130: Small Things That Create Exponential Increases

Uncategorized Jan 10, 2024

Today we are talking micro-habits, the super small things that actually create exponential INCREASE when compounded over time.

Focusing on GROWTH vs focusing on how to cultivate the right ENVIRONMENT where growth naturally happens are two very distinctly different things.

One is chasing those shiny apples (cars, money, success, status, clients, profits, etc) The other is planting a whole filed of seeds that birth thousands of apples!

In order to get a harvest, you need the right soil, the right seeds, the right environment and a lot of tending to the right process!  Relationships, business, health, finances are no different and yet so many of us are trying to grow grow grow things in a way that’s going to end up burning the whole thing up - producing little to NO FRUIT long term. 

In today’s episode I invite you SEE the BIG, GOD shaped Vision and Goals for this year, but laser in your focus and actions on the seemingly insignificant things that actually generate the things we desire - sustainability and naturally.

Do you KNOW what those are? Or are you fixated on the future?

What are your MICRO habits and seeds that bear much fruit? You should have these established in each of your life arenas if you want to see some momentum. 

In this episode, we'll discuss:

  1. Breaking Free from the "Bigger, Bigger, Bigger" Addiction! Yes its an addiction:
    • Let go of the constant pursuit of something bigger and recognize that ONE seed in the right soil can end up creating an entire orchard! 
  2. Essential Pruning for Growth:
    • What needs to GO so that you can multiply? Sometimes, you need to make tough decisions to create a solid foundation for future success.
  3. Assessing Your Soil:
    • Take a look at the environment, culture and heart you’re operating from. Is it conducive to growth or is there sickness that needs to be tended to? 
  4. Your Micro Habits - aka - Seeds:
    • What are the small, consistent actions that lead to significant results over time. 
    • Do you have poor habits or power habits?
  5. Story Time with Christine! Supercharging our Relationship with the SIMPLE things:
    • ONE habit we started that is changing the game for us! What the Daily Brief is all about…


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