Episode 131: Welcome to Breaking Chains!

Uncategorized Jan 17, 2024

Welcome to the BREAKING CHAINS!


Did you catch that? 


We got a new name and that means it’s reintroduction and UPGRADE day around here! 

It’s a new season, and with that comes a renewed laser-like focus. This season I am doubling down  on conversations around breaking free the chains of the past, the chains of addiction, chains of old identities, old relationships, old belief systems…. 


Anything and everything that is keeping us tied down, stuck, shackled and cycling  in the grind - playing from behind - has got to GO so we can truly step into the extraordinary life of FREEDOM God has predestined for us!


We are also going to talk a LOT about what life looks like on the OTHER SIDE of that old game board. What’s waiting for you - when you are ready to lean in and take massive action toward something DIFFERENT.


You cannot, and will not ever walk in or experience the fullness of life you are created for without breaking free of the old.


So we are going to begin with 




Beginning by introducing myself; your host, coach & mentor. 


In todays episode I’m sharing 

  • A brief intro of who I am: Who is the woman speaking to you each week? 
  • What happens to your IDENTITY when you begin the healing process and discover who you are beneath the one dimensional face you show the world. 
  • The “Inverted” or Upside Down Systems that are running your life. 
  • Why must we SHIFT the internal game now? 

Next week I’m beginning a series of raw and real personal stories on the transformation and fires 🔥 I’ve walked through in the arenas of: 

  • Health + my relationship w my body 
  • Men + my relationship w the masculine
  • Business Ownership
  • Money 💰 
  • Loss/Grief of loved ones and hopes for the future 
  • Divorce
  • Starting over (multiple times) from the ground up 
  • From “religious dogma” and trauma to real relationship + INTIMACY w GOD. 

Lastly we will be releasing THREE formats of shows going forward:

  1. Solo casts as usual where I will unpack and riff on a specific subject. I’ll work on releasing these as series whenever possible.
  2. More Interviews! With guest who have Broken Free of the Chains themselves and are now leading FREE, fulfilling and extraordinary lives Mx
  3. Q/A Sessions! You can submit your burning questions here or apply to be on the show and receive free laser coaching on the spot! 

Submit your questions and apply to be on our show: https://www.thechristinejewell.com/podcast-guest


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