Episode 132: A Warrior is Born; Our Family of Origin Story

Uncategorized Jan 24, 2024

Hey there, welcome back to the Breaking Chains podcast! I'm thrilled to kick off a fresh series in this new season. 

In this 6 part series  I'll be sharing some personal stories, starting with my own origin story. I know it's challenging to unveil personal stories, especially those that reveal part of our nature we are not ‘proud’ of - but I believe it's crucial to understand where those parts of us came from in order to move forward!

Our family of origin and our origin story  affects us deeply in the first years of our lives. It shapes our identity, beliefs, reactions, and unconscious operating systems. But that beginning and that story does not have to be the ONE we live out our entire lives. We can take the good, restore the broken parts - and create a NEW LIFE story - one that will shape the future of our children and every person we are called to lead.

So, let me reintroduce myself. I'm Christine Jewel, a high-performance coach and faith-based mentor to impact-driven leaders who want to experience greater freedom and fulfillment in EVERY arena of life. My signature approach is grounded in faith + holistic in nature -  addressing the mind, body, spirit, and heart to guide individuals through a process of INITIATION. The journey from head to heart, from the ways of the world (keep us enslaved)  to the ways of the KINGDOM (free us).

In Todays Episode, I unpack: 

  • The Power of Our Origin Story + Family of Origin
  • WHO we are is shaped even before the first SEED in the womb!
  • Being raised in chaos and abandonment. 
  • My father's struggles with alcohol and depression. 
  • The tumultuous environment that shaped my perception of love, trust, and safety.
  • Performing for Love and affection 
  • Becoming a protector and emotional parent. 
  • Coping mechanisms we develop to survive or get ahead.
  • How I became a fighter, determined to never be like my father or my mother. 
  • My life became about proving myself, escaping the past, and chasing an illusion of security. This warrior mentality was fueled by pain, fear, and anger.
  • Facing a breaking point that forced me to surrender to a higher power.

In the next episode, I'll delve into the transformative journey that followed. For now, I want to leave you with these questions: 

What is YOUR origin story? 

Is there a warrior inside you? 

What have you been trying to protect, prove, or escape? 

Are you ready to fight differently? 

If so, welcome to the initiation, and I look forward to exploring this journey with you in the next episode. Thanks for tuning in!

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