Episode 137: Wanting vs Willing - The Character That Guarantees Exponential Growth

Uncategorized Feb 28, 2024

You may WANT it ALL…

But are you WILLING?

The great marriage, the self leading team, the guilt free time off and memories with your kids, the mental and physical fitness, FREEDOM to work on the things that actually light  you up. The laser FOCUS to innovate rather than be putting out fires daily… The intimacy with God. 


A SPIRIT that feels ALIVE inside you. My guess is You WANT it ALL. 


But the question I have for you today is - Are you WILLING to do what is REQUIRED to receive it, build it and multiply it? 


You would think that the “higher” you get the more willing people are to DITCH their OLD ways in order to make room for the NEW thing they want to normalize. the more willing they are to take the “risk”, LET GO and LEAN IN to the next evolution  of growth or depth, right?


Actually - what I’ve found is that often (not always) the MORE success and stuff someone has accumulated the more they are AFRAID to LOSE! 


After nearly 25 years of consistently coaching athletes, entrepreneurs, high achievers, and people with dreams to become and create something BETTER - the difference between those who CONTINUE to expand, grow and evolve vs those who PLATEAU and regress - > really comes down to this one thing above all else.


In todays episode we are unpacking: 


➡️ The KEY difference between those who are WILLING to create the LIFE they long for, versus  those who will live a life of unrealized desires. (This one trait is what I actively LOOK for in my coaching clients)

➡️LOSS Aversion. It is a real thing for ALL people!

➡️ SCARCITY as a default state of mind rather than Abundance and expansion

➡️ The ONE thing you need more than DESIRE if you want to upgrade your life

➡️Leading with Spiritual Authority + Love rather than being “Lorded” over by fear and ego

➡️ My quantum leaps and what I had to GIVE UP in order to GAIN so much MORE

➡️ The Rich Young Ruler…. What was he Missing?


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