Episode 138: Unlocking Championship Mindset with Ben Utecht

Uncategorized Mar 06, 2024

Today I am honored to welcome Ben Utecht as a guest on the show and today we are talking about championship mindset, leadership, and unshakable culture!  Ben is not only a celebrated Super Bowl champion but also stands out for his remarkable leadership qualities which earned him the "Uncommon Leader Award" from the esteemed NFL Hall of Fame coach Tony Dungy.


After an injury ended his NFL career, Ben pivoted into the corporate world as a sought-after speaker within the Fortune 500 arena, becoming the Chief Culture Officer for True North Private Equity, a family of companies whose portfolio currently includes 28 companies across 5 industries. Utecht is also an owner in the top US Ninja Fitness/Entertainment Franchise, Conquer Ninja Gyms, where he oversees all culture systems that impact every location.


Key Takeaways:

The things that break us are the things that make us: every challenge, every injury, and every transition is an opportunity for growth and surrender to a higher purpose.

The Foundation of Belief: Whether in sports, business, or personal life, what we fundamentally believe guides our path and influences our success.

Championship Language: Ben emphasizes the critical importance of every word we speak, drawing from his NFL experience with Peyton Manning. Clear, intentional communication, defined by content, purpose, and delivery, changes the game - every time!

Ask Better Questions: Why Fostering a culture that celebrates the pursuit of knowledge is key. Normalizing the quest for understanding within teams leads to profound clarity and alignment

Culture by Design: Why you need an ‘organizational creed' and what it is.


Notable Quotes:

  • "Who I have placed my hands upon, let no man put asunder." - Reflecting on divine favor and the path it carves out for us.
  • "Vulnerability is opening yourself up to be emotionally wounded." - Highlighting the strength and connection that comes from being open and authentic.
  • "You will always have a culture by design or by default." - A reminder that every action and decision contributes to the overarching culture of an organization or family.


Next Steps for Leaders:

  • Get CLEAR and Reflect on your core beliefs. How are they represented in your daily walk as a leader?
  • For team meetings: Normalize asking challenging questions and require your team to bring them to the table!  
  • Consider developing an 'organizational creed' that encapsulates the non-negotiable beliefs that guide your team's actions and organizations behaviors.


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Instagram - @BenUtecht, X - @BenUtecht

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