Episode 142: 5 Conversations to Unify Your Marriage! with Mark Jewell

Uncategorized Apr 03, 2024

Today I’m joined by my husband, business partner and earthly King - Mark Jewell and we‘re talking relationship success, effective communication and habits to uplevel your marriage in EVERY area: logistics, energy, wealth, vision, finances and a UNITED front! 

We share the five key conversations that have breathed life into our relationship, from the daily briefs that keep us synched up in our daily routines, to the glue that holds us together found in our shared prayers. 


Through practices like the transition walk, we clean up the energy of daily stresses and find time for recalibration and reconnection. 


Plus two more MUST HAVE conversations to put into your calendar on a regular basis. These conversations, born out of frustration and also a desire to do better together - are steeped in intentionality and commitment. 


They have not only deepened our bond but expanded our vision beyond what we could do alone. 


In this episode, we will cover:

  • The Power of Praying Together: Communication and prayer serve are the GLUE that holds it all together.
  • Our Transition Walks: Cleaning Up the Energy The Power of Daily Briefings
  • Creating + Protecting  Space for Dreams and Visions
  • The essential conversation every couple must have around MONEY 
  • How to honor each other's process and communication styles 
  • Prioritizing intentional communication and spiritual connection to strengthen your marriage and create greater unity 


Notable Quotes:

  • "Relationships are where it's at."
  • "The daily brief is there to create some communication."
  • "The daily prayer shows our reverence and priorities."
  • "Sometimes you talk for the whole mile. Sometimes I'll talk, right? I mean, that's a little bit more rare. That'd be like 5% of the time versus 95% of the time."
  • "I'm emptying the energy, the stuff, the density, and then I'm clearing the space. And obviously when you're lighter, boom, the answers come in."
  • "It's very easy for you to get bound up through the whole that like the slog of all the things that you've got going on. It's important that we have a little bit of time here and there."


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