Episode 152: Partnering With God, Releasing Control + Embracing the Unknown

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2024

Attention all controlling personalities! Today we are shedding the load of micromanagement and the false sense of security tied to the ILLUSION of control!

Today’s discussion is not just about “letting go and letting God”, but about opening ourselves to PARTNER with God and in meaningful and impactful ways in every aspect of our lives. We dig into the powerful shift that happens when we upgrade our controlling tendencies and the ‘need’ to know every outcome for trusting in HIS higher vision and plan for us - our families - our businesses. There is so much freedom that comes with embracing uncertainty and the unknown!

Join me as I share insights and strategies on how to transition from a fear-based operating system fueled by scarcity to a faith-driven life of peace and partnership. We discuss practical steps for letting go of the reins in various aspects of life, encouraging listeners to trust more deeply and live more fully. 

Learn to navigate life with greater confidence and openness to the opportunities that God places in our paths!

Key Takeaways:

  • Embrace Partnership: Collaborate with God and others, rather than trying to control every aspect of your life as a lone wolf! Partnership fosters a sense of ‘wholeness’, greater support and enriches our experiences.
  • Shift Anxiety and fear into Excitement and anticipation! Both are beliefs. We are simply choosing how to channel our focus and the emotions we are connecting to.
  • Travel Light. Become an Essentialist!: Release the burdens of other people’s opinions, emotions, and problems. Focus on what’s essential and let God handle the rest.
  • Inspiration is the place for CREATION: Create space for spiritual connection by reducing noise and the addiction to ‘busy-ness’. To BE Inspired is to BE connected to the Spirit of God! In-Spira = In-Breath. When was the last time you were truly Inspired to do, create or build something?
  • Step into the Unknown: Trust in God’s plan, even when it isn’t clear. Moving into uncharted territories can heighten your senses and bring new opportunities and blessings.

Notable Quotes:

  1. “What we think we’re in control of is often the very thing that’s controlling us.”
  2. “Are we dreaming and imagining and building from a life-giving place or from a place of fear?”
  3. “You cannot climb mountains if you are weighed down with pains and burdens that are not yours to carry.”
  4. “What happens when we get exhausted? We get disoriented. We start seeing things that aren’t there.”


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