Episode 89: Let's Normalize Talking About THESE Things! Upgrading The Conversation Inside Relationships!

Uncategorized Mar 29, 2023

Who taught you the ART of healthy + productive communication inside your relationships?  Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones who had amazing parents in this department - but if you’re like that majority of people, you’ve been trying to figure this out your whole life, playing whack a mole.


We’ve heard it said that The Quality of our LIFE is determined by the Quality of our Relationships, yet one of the greatest challenges or gifts in relationships is how to actually talk to each other + LISTEN effectively. 


So - how do we begin to move out of the place of dysfunctional communication and into the place of productive, effective, and clear communication that is both safe and moves us closer together?


That’s exactly the conversation we are unpacking in todays episode of 

How to Navigate Difficult Conversations + NORMALIZE 

Healthy Communication so we stop defending, attacking, assuming, triggering, and reacting to one another.


In this episode we are talking about: 

  • 6 things I believe we must Normalize inside relationships so we can communicate effectively.
  • The language that connects us vs the language that separates us
  • How to share our emotions and desires in a productive manner
  • How to differentiate between emotions and projections - this is a BIGGIE! 
  • How to articulate what we are actually feeling vs projecting what we fear and think onto others
  • How to address behaviors that trigger us while honoring the person we are speaking to


I guarantee if you begin to implement just one of these things this week, you will begin to see a noticeable difference!

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