Episode 90: Beyond the Ordinary. On Suffering, the Power of Grace and Activating SUPER NATURAL Strength, Courage + Abilities!

Uncategorized Apr 05, 2023

Do you still find yourself in the trap of needing to SUFFER before you can say you’ve actually earned the RIGHT to enjoy something? Be honest now. I know this place well.

Today we are talking about moving beyond our addiction to suffering (yes, it’s a pattern) in order for us to feel worthy of receiving something meaningful. Whether it’s the love of our life, an incredible achievement or an epic experience, the truth is - so many of us are incapable of truly enjoying the people, things, experiences in our lives without thinking there’s some sort of ‘catch’ to it all. In the back of our minds, it’s as if some sort of transaction has to take place that will cost us dearly, or a massive thing we must overcome - BEFORE - we can even think about having that good of a thing in our lives. Our nervous systems just can’t seem to relax and receive the moment.

Can you relate?

Years ago I had two visions that came to me in rather close timing where I was shown what I call ‘the beauty’ way instead of the suffering way. In today’s episode I am sharing that story with you and if you’re watching on video I have a special piece of art I captured in the midst of this as a reminder that wherever we ‘think’ we are going, a part of us is ALREADY HERE.

So, if you’ve been busting your butt to get ahead - and there’s been a lot of suffering and grinding along the way - this episode is for you.

Let’s ditch the grinding it out by our own means and invite the Super- Natural Power of GRACE to take over.

In today’s episode I am unpacking: 

  • Why I believe the Suffering is Optional
  • How to Move Beyond the Ordinary + our own ability
  • What GRACE actually is and how to Receive it?
  • the POWER within that AMPLIFIES everything in and around Us!
  • Activating our Super - Natural Gifting and Abilities
  • How to tell if it’s our Ego running the show - or God’s Way
  • The Power of NOW. The thing you are seeking is HERE now.

I am also sharing 5 Things that GRACE EMPOWERS you to DO that you can’t possibly do on your own as much as you try and force yourself there.


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