Episode 91: Forgiving & Letting Go When Others Don't “DESERVE” It

Uncategorized Apr 12, 2023

Ever had something that you’ve been holding on to for so long that it now seems to have a HOLD of you?

Like in your head, you think you forgave the person and moved on by deep down you know, that stuff is still IN your body.

How do we let go and actually forgive people that don’t deserve it?

You know, the one that hasn’t and will not be asking for forgiveness any time soon, the people that think that they have done absolutely nothing wrong.

Perhaps that person has admitted their wrongdoing but you just can’t accept it.

How do we get PAST that + actually free ourselves from the entanglement?

So many times we think we're “over it”.

We think we've forgiven, we think we've moved on, but our body has not forgotten. Our nervous system has not forgotten. We still feel locked up, tense, rigid, tight. RECOILING in walls of protection. It’s pretty much impossible to look at that person or situation through the eyes of compassion.

In fact, we're still judging it. We're still talking about it from the level of consciousness that says, “these people did me wrong”! Some part of us still waiting for retribution. 

Today’s episode is about THE MEDICINE THAT SETS YOU FREE.

This conversation - or should I say - rant - was inspired by a little episode that I had on Easter morning, of all days that got me thinking about WHAT exactly enables me to LET IT GO from my body and cut the cords of entanglement.

So in today's episode, we're unpacking

  • The art of forgiveness
  • How to tell if we are really over it or are we still holding on to conscious or unconscious blocks?
  • How do we forgive those who don't deserve it?
  • Bonus - A conversation to have inside of your home with your children, inspired by our family conversation on Sunday.
  • I'm sharing a personal story about my own experience, about how I was holding onto unconscious grudges, how I discovered that, and how I was able to let go of that.

Forgiveness is truly the medicine that sets us free, and yet so many of us are trying to forgive in our head, but you can’t possibly LET GO that way.


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