Episode 92: Overcoming Fear of Rejection, Embracing Obedience + Trust!

Uncategorized Apr 19, 2023

The painful dagger of rejection.

Whether it was our parents withholding love through silent treatments or never being able to measure up to their expectations, to that first heartbreak, to the friends we trusted turning on us completely. Maybe it was getting cut from the team and feeling your dreams crushed or growing up with abuse in our household. We've all experienced it deeply. We've all been wounded by it.

If you're human, you've experienced rejection and you are not alone. This is a BIG topic and one that comes up repeatedly, especially in leaders who are feeling the CALL to move into new unchartered territory, and they feel like impostors or are doubting their abilities!

Today I am sharing a sneak peek into a chapter of my coming book and sharing some personal stories about my own struggle with rejection, my rebellious spirit, what to look out for and how to move beyond this place of bondage.

In today's episode, we're unpacking:

  • Breaking ties with the spirit of rejection + healing those wounds
  • How our rejection wound shows up on repeat in our lives
  • The two primary motives that rejections turns to as a means of controlling the outcome and avoiding rejection
  • The Art of Surrender + Obedience as a gateway forward
  • What obedience actually means and why so many resist it!


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