Episode 93: 5 Character Traits of Leaders Who Multiply vs Those That Contract

Uncategorized Apr 26, 2023

What exactly are the “catalysts” or character traits for consistent and exponential growth?

I’m HOT on this topic of living fully charged and on mission right now. In the place that not only feels amazing but is in full alignment with Gods plan for us. 


So many of us want to grow, to expand, to scale, to become better leaders, to experience more richness in our relationships, financially, emotionally and spiritually, and yet there are certain characteristics of those who consistently multiply in their lives versus those who stay the same or contract over time. 


We are not called to maintain the status quo. We are called to MULTIPLY.


In today’s episode, I am unpacking five characteristics or catalyst of leaders who multiply consistently in a world that contracts. 


  • What is it about their attitude, mindset or actions that sets them apart? 
  • What is it that brings them “favour” and opportunities seemingly out of no where?
  • How can our children teach us so much about our own disposition?
  • Self Reflection questions you must be asking yourself as a leader, lover, parent and steward of your mission
  • The humbling truths that lead us into the place of overflow and ultimately open doors to new chapters + EXPONENTIAL growth 


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