Episode 96: Marriage is a TEAM Event: Tips for Getting On the Same Page

Uncategorized May 17, 2023

Can a basketball team truly win if its players are constantly fighting each other for the ball?

Is it possible for a relay to be won if one runner trips their teammate?

How can a soccer team defend their goal effectively if the defense is caught up in infighting?


Sometimes, we fall into the trap of living as individuals within our marriages, trying to operate as a team. We treat marriage as a BATTLEFIELD, constantly vying for control and dominance. This approach creates canyons of disconnection between partners, leading to strife and friction. Couples end up living in turmoil because they don't trust each other to take the ball over the goal line. 


But here's the thing my loves: marriage is not an individual sport. 


We shift the game when we go from FACING EACH OTHER on the field to STANDING SIDE BY SIDE, creating a healthy and safe home that multiplies blessings. How about we stop pointing fingers and change our mindset from "you" to "we." 


Our families are precious treasures entrusted to us by God, and He wants to see how well we lead and nourish that treasure.


Winning championships isn't just about what happens on the playing field. The true victory comes from conditioning and practice. In our marriage teams, we can focus on behavior modifications that go beyond the surface level and truly change our hearts. By becoming aware of the patterns that play out in our lives, we can interrupt them and make lasting changes.


Today’s conversation will provide a playbook of rhythms for your marriage that can lead to a permanent shift in your heart:


  • Decide you are on the same team - What you’re fighting, you face together.
  • Establish your team foundations - Spread out and look at the lay of the land.
  • Assign positions and practice the drills of life - Where in your marriage will you pass the ball, and where will you lead?
  • Clarify your values - What is the God-given mission of our marriage?


Getting God involved amplifies and multiples your union. When you have divine protection and covering, you don't need to constantly play offense and defense against your spouse. Instead, you can come off the field feeling strong and more connected. 


Every team needs a coach! Feeling the call to go deeper? I work with 3 couples each quarter to help align  values, deepen connection, build trust, and clarify lines of communication. To learn more, fill out this short application.


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