Upgrading your BELIEF System

Uncategorized Oct 11, 2023


How would you describe your ‘internal’ operating system?

By operating systems I am talking about the beliefs running in the background that are essentially responsible for running your entire life. 

Today’s episode was created off the heels of our last few discussions around re-evaluating our values and getting those in the right order. (If you missed that episode, you can catch it here : Insert Link)

The next step then becomes examining our operating systems because ultimately - if what you VALUE + what you BELIEVE don’t match, you will have an incredibly difficult time ever finding any peace in your days, any flow in your processes, and any lasting results.

So - Today we are unpacking our internal operating systems. Belief systems are learned. They are shaped by our experiences, conditioning, environment, and societal influences. And that means….. they were PLANTED there! Yes. They are PROGRAMS that are running. This means they can be UPGRADED! And they should.

My question for you today is… 

Have you updated your operating system lately or are you still running an outdated version that’s making you miserable or keeping you limited/stuck?

How have your BELIEFS evolved to match your own personal evolution?

If you want your REALITY to SHIFT, then your BELIEFS around what’s possible must also shift. I invite you to join me in today’s conversation were we discuss: 

Learned Nature: Belief systems are learned through experiences, conditioning, societal influences, and parental guidance.

  • The Malleability of our Belief Systems and the Science behind it. 
  • How everything is Information and Energy!
  • Why Transformation is Necessary: To align our beliefs with our values and desired life outcomes, we must be willing to transform and upgrade our belief systems.
  • How to establish solid foundations for you new belief structures
  • The power of opening your eyes to new Evidence and new Role Models
  • My personal belief upgrades around what I am ‘good’ at, capable of, and how I SEE myself today

As always I encourage you to be curious, open, and willing to challenge your existing belief systems so you can create a more aligned and fulfilling life!


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