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Hear what some of my clients have to say...

Beyond grateful for leading us through this day of exploration, vision building and amplifying our relationship Christine Jewell.

There was nothing broken in our 12+ year relationship however we’re discovering an upgraded, fine tuned, aligned version of us.

We’re rising above, investing in us and leaving old programs behind.

Anyone interested in upgrading their relationships whether your partner, yourself or simply wish to live a charged life, connecting with Christine is your next step!

No more when, when is now, now is today!

-Denise & Mike




I met Christine at a company event. At the time I was struggling with several personal and work related things. I had recently been divorced and had a lot of pain and brokenness from that and found myself in a new relationship with someone who also had their own issues. On top of that, I was dealing with a dysfunctional management team at my business. Christine was able to help me develop tools to understand and deal with these situations. The main thing that has helped me is understanding the importance of clarity. Once I have clarity on a matter, I can set specific expectations for myself and those around me and we can begin to move in a positive direction. Without clarity, there is no direction and I found myself stuck and unable to make progress. Some will join me in that clarity and some won’t and that’s okay.

Tim Gutwein
AgXplore International


Prior to working with Christine, I had never hired a relationship and personal growth expert. Looking back, I was stuck in a web of patterns of thinking and behaviour (much of it unconscious) for as long as I can remember. What I knew at the time was that I wanted to untether myself from what I was used to doing so I could produce different results in my life.

In all honesty, I had no idea what I was getting myself into when I started working with her. I was worried it'd be a waste of money and time. I've read all of the self-help books - and yes, I've had awakenings, but not much changed in my life. What could she possibly teach me or guide me on that would be different from what I'd experienced up until that point?

Answer: She transformed me. She made me see myself and my relationship with others in new ways. She was one part beacon, shining a light on the things I did over and over again but couldn't see. She was also a guide, helping me find new ways to produce different outcomes. And she was an unwavering coach, always smiling but being firm when needed. She helped to give me insights, a strategy and the tools to create positive change in my life. And for that I'm eternally grateful.

I can't recommend her enough.




This work has reminded me about all of the things that I love about myself and make me who I am.

It has been transformational in every area of my life (work, relationships, self-care).

I have a newfound level of confidence in myself because I truly feel more empowered to make choices for myself without second-guessing them or worrying what others might think and for the first time, I'm not ruled by other people's feelings!

I would highly recommend working with Christine to anyone who is ready to dive in and do the work!

I was at a point when I was tired of working with therapist after therapist and never feeling like I was making any real significant headway.

I was still feeling stuck. I came into the program feeling stuck in victimhood and not knowing how to set myself free. I was doing all of the self-love things I thought I was 'supposed' to but not much was changing within quickly enough, if at all.

This course taught me how to really embody loving myself and what that actually meant. It helped me get clear and change my focus from doing to simply allowing and being.   Game changer!

Christine's energy and cut the BS coaching style was EXACTLY what my soul was supposed to experience to catapult me into living my best soul-aligned life!



"Working with Christine has been transformational in every area of my life. I exude confidence because I have clarity again. I am showing up differently at work, at home, in my relationships, and I have started to live with passion and purpose again. I barely recognize who I was at the beginning of the program, and I couldn't be more grateful. Without this program I would still be dreaming about finding my happiness. Now I am creating and living it!” - Brady Johnson



I would highly recommend working with Christine to anyone that is ready to dive in and put the work in.

I honour Christine's ability to lead by example and that helped me to see how things should be done, how joyful and positive a human can be on a regular basis. Because it was a long time since I'd felt that. Before I started I was so deep in the weeds that I felt like I was suffocating. I was working 14 hour days in my business, doing things I hated doing, and not sleeping because of the massive amounts of stress. I had no balance to my life, no quiet time, my relationships with family and friends were suffering or were non-existent and I simply didn't know what to do. Through the questions, homework, videos, organizational flow of the program, and undivided attention from Christine during our weekly calls, I can now say that my stress level has fallen tremendously, my relationships are in a thriving state, my communication has improved ten-fold, I am incredibly clear on my next steps and goals both personally and professionally, and I have moved confidently to a 5-6 hour, 4-5 day work week! And am damn proud of it! The program helped me put together my personal core values and gave me the tools to actually start LIVING in accordance with them.

In relation to Christine's dedication to her clients, let me just say this: when my mom was in the hospital for 3 weeks battling lymphoma, Christine dropped everything she had planned for our call that day and sat with me over Zoom while I sat in the waiting room with my computer during surgery. She simply listened. I couldn't have been more grateful for a coach in that moment.

The transformation is real, I can't imagine going back to the things I was doing (or not doing) 8 months ago, and I thank Christine so much for the opportunity and the support. If you're on the fence, I suggest you jump over. - Trisha Terns


I'm currently in the eighth week of the round table initiation with Christine Jewll. I began this journey from a point of absolute despair. That's probably the best word I could use to describe it. Literally feeling like I had no control over my own life. Almost like I was abandoned by my body and just left kind of in this crumpled state, depressed and desperate for some kind of change or some kind of revelation to try to figure out how in the hell I could get things better. I was in a state where I felt unseen and unheard. I felt literally out of control, self destructing, destructing relationships, no faith whatsoever in our Lord because of all of the things that “he put me through.”

After working with Christine and during these first eight weeks, I have learned that it was all in preparation. Our house burnt down in the middle of the night. It would have been a year ago, June 26th. I thought I wasn't going to make it out of that house alive, but I did, and God saved us all. He saved my grandma. He saved Ken. He saved myself and our two dogs. That was the biggest sign that I had a second chance and that things could change. I was working with a counselor, like this girl power counselor, and it just wasn't really working for me. It just led me to more questions, doubt, and I constantly questioned my worth, never really trusting myself.

After these first eight weeks, it's been a complete life-changing soul giving relationship upgrading experience. It honestly didn't take any time to feel and embody that shift. It has not been the easiest work. There is a lot of self reflection. There is a lot of forgiveness, but the tools that she provides for you are amazing, the practices, the processes have been amazing, the body tuning, just being able to really tune into what you need, what your body needs, what your heart needs, and what your mind needs. I practice that every single day and it's allowed me to make better decisions and choices on what I allow in. Even as far as nutrients, energy, other people's crap or drama. That it's not mine to pick up and to carry.

The armor exercise, dropping the armor, has been amazing for me.I feel so much lighter and graceful in my movement, as well as my heart just being full of delight. I get out of my head and enable myself to really tune into the divine design, the feminine essence, rather than working from a masculine do all be all production. Just letting some things go. With Christine's guidance, support, and learning how much God truly loves, supports, sees, and hears you has been a complete game changer for me. I honestly couldn't recommend the round table enough, or any work that you would do with Christine. It's just been an absolutely amazing journey, not easy but amazing. I definitely recommend hopping on this journey, get on the boat and sail. Just be prepared for so many things to open up from doors that have been locked up 10 deadbolts deep. I appreciate everything that she does for all of us, her support and leadership. She truly is a queen.
-Shayla McCullough


Hard to believe yesterday I was with the most amazing tribe of people blending our stories, upgrading our identities, shaking our foundations during our Energy Immersion weekend.

No words can express the power, the energy shifts and safety felt among friends who transformed from Zoom to strong, ever trusting friends. 🙏

Christine your guidance to create MY life’s masterpiece, defined only by me is truly immeasurable! Without clarity and leaving behind old programs, what you thought you knew, there is no change. 🔥🔥🔥

- Denise Cutler

The teacher shows up when the pupil is ready. 

I reached a point after 20 years in my relationship that I didn't want to be there anymore. I had so many expectations from this man in so many areas. I felt like I wasn’t getting any of these needs met and he wasn’t present for me. 

I had anxiety because I didn’t know what to do. I was really done with this relationship. I don’t know whose voice it was, but one day it just came out of my mouth. “I am in the season to just give and receive love.” 

I chose to lean in. I did a bunch of work on myself. I listened to all of Christine’s podcasts, I signed up for the Women’s Initiation to Awaken my Inner Queen and I changed my thinking. 

All the armor, shields, guns, knives , and all that stuff between us wasn’t there anymore. He  just melted. Ever since then it’s been all about being IN love. 

Since changing my mindset and taking ownership I’ve seen the change in my other relationships as well. I’ve changed the way I see people now and give everyone respect. I changed my vocabulary and aura with this man from being a victim and it completely changed how we communicate. 

It’s a journey I had to take on my own. I had to work on myself first. What brought me to Christine is realizing it's the POWER of the SPIRIT through prayer and how quickly it can work! I’m now looking forward to our life together and I finally came to the realization that I AM better with him. -Whitney Hammond 



When I started the Immersion a month ago, my mind and body were at war. Regular panic attacks, feelings of apathy, and constant tension/stress were my daily battle brought on by many years of pushing myself and trying to take on everything for those around me. I had a successful job, what appeared to be the perfect family, was involved in the community and assisted my husband in running several successful businesses. And, I felt so done with the type of life I was living and had no clue how to change it into something healthy for myself and those around me.

The first goal we set was to come out of survival mode. I learned so much about my body: how to calm it in moments of panic, how to keep myself grounded when I felt the stress coming on, and how to change my daily habits to lighten my load. After just a couple weeks of implementing the practices faithfully, I was already feeling lighter in my physical body. As we continued in the work, I was able to begin enjoying "me" time without a sense of guilt. Putting myself first was very foreign to me.

I have also benefited from mental/emotional practices we have implemented. Being an observer instead of a judge, recognizing the patterns of behavior in myself and others, resisting pressure in decision making, and using the "Queen's Pause" have been key. With these and other tools, I am moving toward managing my anxiety instead of letting it manage me. Learning about communication, patterns, attachment styles, and energy is enabling me to step up in my relationships both personally and professionally.

As I navigate a tough personal situation in my life, I am beginning to feel equipped to come out whole on the other side. I am amazed at the personal growth I am experiencing, even in the midst of the uncertainty. I am reconnecting with myself, my dreams and my spirit. I encourage anyone facing tough life transitions or feeling overwhelmed with the stress of living the world's way to consider the Immersion experience. Christine's loving but direct style of coaching will guide you to make the improvements in your life that your mind, body and spirit is craving!  - Chelsea



The retreat in Sedona was such an amazing experience for us as individuals and as a couple! It opened our eyes to what is possible. Your coaching is like none other! We have both read books, gone to events, had counseling, etc. Your coaching and programs are on such a different level. Truly life changing and there isn't a price you can put on that! Hands down one of the best investments we have ever made! We are so thankful for you! - Jordon Sanders


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