Episode 72: 3 KEY Questions To Ask Yourself if You Want an UPGRADE in Your LIFE

Having a growth mindset is critical if you are open to continuous improvement in your life. For many people, they’re too focused on the end goal and they don’t pay enough attention to the journey. And the journey is where the magic happens. Before you begin, you have to be ready to make the shift in your mindset and your life in order to make these changes or upgrades sustainable. So, in this episode, I will be sharing the three questions that are essential to ask yourself if you truly want to upgrade your life.

Listen in as I explain the importance of putting your ego aside and allowing your adventurous spirit to embrace the unknown of what you may be about to unlock in your life. You will learn why it is essential that you have the willingness to release control if you want to make a big change, how to identify what is holding you back in your life, and how to start seeing yourself as the asset that you are.

In today’s episode I am unpacking:

  • The importance of being broken down so that you can experience a breakthrough.
  • How to know if you are ready to upgrade your life.
  • The importance of being very clear about what you want.
  • Why it is essential that you put your ego aside.
  • The importance of having the willingness and desire to make a change.
  • What you must be willing to do in order to shift your mindset.
  • How to start seeing yourself as the asset you are.

“What got us here won't get us to the next phase.” - Christine Jewell


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