Getting out of your HEAD, and into your HEART


 Sometimes we feel that we are being called to go somewhere and do something, but our head can get in the way.

We get stuck in our old ways and our brains get into this groove, and these comfort zones. And our brains really like comfort zones

BUT those patterns and comfort zones aren't healthy, so what can we do to stop those patterns?

I talked in the video about checking and reevaluating our vision, and how that can really determine how we approach our life and our business.

Cutting back on patterns that hold us back is going to help us so much in the long run because...
What got you to where you are now is not going to get you to where you really want to be.

When we are stuck in our heads, that creates a really limited space for us to operate from.

So when we lean into our hearts we start to see great things come about. God sees our efforts and gives us results even though we may not see it right away or even expect it.

As soon as we learn to lean into our hearts we quickly realize that we don't need to have it all together, we can just go with the flow and take some chances.

You might not know how to do everything or have it all planned out but learning to step out and take a leap of faith will prove to be worth it.

This is called "stepping into the unknown," and it's kind of scary. But doing it will be awesome and it will bring you new opportunities that will bring you to where you want to be.

Do you have a vision that's really clear of what you desire? Do you want to learn how to lead with your heart? Comment and tell me how you want to get you and your heart aligned.

“Follow your heart, and listen when it speaks to you.”

-Susanna Tamaro


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