Episode 12: Breaking FREE of Performance Pressure

overcoming adversity Oct 06, 2021

Ahhh, the PRESSURE is for REAL!

The pressure to keep up. The pressure to stay ahead of the game ON TOP of your GAME.

The pressure to measure up. The pressure to KEEP Expanding

The pressure IN our minds, Our bodies…. It’s a REAL thing.

Just IMAGINE if you could SHOW UP and truly bring ALL of you to...

> your business, 

> your family, 

> your team 

ALL WHILE being able to experience a sense of CALM in the “CHAOS”, EASE in your body and FREEDOM in your mind?

What would CHANGE in your life if you could show up that way consistently?

In this Episode I unpack PERFORMANCE PRESSURE and How to Flip the Pressure Switch!

  • WHAT is it?
  • WHERE does it Come FROM?
  • What is DRIVING it and creating this crazy ADDICTION to it?

AND because I always like to bring you REAL LIFE practical tools to implement I shared: 

  • 5 Steps to SHIFT out of the PRESSURE
  • Where to BEGIN! 

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