Episode 86: Overcoming Anxiety and Living Lighter Again with Dr. Jennifer Blossom

overcoming adversity Mar 08, 2023

Today I’m joined by Dr Jennifer Blossom - host of the Dr Jennifer Blossom Show, mother, wife and creator of Neuro 5x ~ a program she developed after learning to navigate and overcome her own struggles with chronic anxiety and panic attacks.  

Jen & I met at a conference recently where we instantly hit it off as we share the same for EXTRA-ORDINARILY success without the mental + relational breakdowns that so many high achievers deal with. . 

Today we are talking about the power of moving suppressed Energy, God at work in our lives and becoming mentally strong in the face of challenges.


We are unpacking:

    ⁃    The LABELS we give ourselves and the dangers of identifying with them

    ⁃    From Crippling Fear and Anxiety to being full of life force! 

    ⁃    The thoughts behind the labels we place on ourselves


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Episode 79: Rebuilding On SOLID Ground, Not Quicksand!

overcoming adversity Jan 18, 2023

How do I rebuild my life on a new foundation so I don't keep recreating the past and reliving the same lessons?

Today's episode is part 3 of a 3 part series on reclaiming, restoring and rebuilding the life you are created for!

I speak to so many people who desperately desire a whole new - healthy -relationship, a new way of doing business that doesn’t burn them out and have them resenting their businesses, a whole new way that is a more sustainable way of living where they can actually ENJOY life instead of oozing in guilt and anxiety 24/7.

And yet, they don't take the time and space to put the right scaffolding and structure in place before they start stacking on bricks. They become impatient - rushing to piece things together to appease their own insecurities. In essence, they are trying to shortcut their way to an extraordinary life.

It never works.

In the end, they wasted copious amounts of our energy, money, time on the wrong people, being in the...

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Episode 70: Anxiety, Consumption and Temptations

Feeling overcome with anxiety or dread can be difficult to pull yourself out of, especially once these negative feelings start to take over your day. However, if we can pinpoint what it is that is leading to these physical and emotional responses, it can become easier to find that peace of mind we are searching for. So, where do we begin with finding our triggers? In this episode, I will be sharing several temptations to be aware of that may be pulling you away from your internal voice, in hopes of helping you shed the external factors contributing to your anxiety.

We’ve got to be aware of what is going on around us, but it is important that we are never consumed by it. It is up to us to shift the narrative in our life so that it is aligned with who we want to be and where we want to go. Stop spiraling into worry and fretting over information that is being thrown your way and start seeing it for what it is: data and information.

In today’s episode I am unpacking:

  • The...
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Episode 68: Still chasing and performing for affection + love

Are you still chasing and performing for love + affection?

Are you Constantly beating yourself up, convinced that you are screwing things up, have not done enough, or keep missing the mark somehow when it comes to your relationship?

Do you catch yourself feeling ‘undeserving’ of love or perhaps reciting to yourself

 “I DESERVE to be loved, to have someone who appreciates me and treats me better!”

And.. no matter how much you tell yourself this, you still don’t believe it.

Maybe a part of you is secretly feeling like you’ve been dealt a bad hand when it comes to the relationships you are in and if you are honest with yourself you are wondering,

 ``What did I DO to DESERVE this?!” 


In today’s episode I'm diving into why I think we need to DITCH this whole “deservingness” attitude + how it’s actually keeping us FROM the very things we are created FOR.


As always I will pull back the curtain...

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Episode 67: Navigating Emotional Exhaustion + Feeling Like Yourself Again

overcoming adversity Oct 26, 2022

Sometimes you are just OFF. You are easily triggered over the simplest things. Your motivation and desire for the things you once loved seems to be escaping you and you simply don’t feel like yourself.  

Ever experienced that?


Sometimes… Even in the midst of ALL the amazing things in our life, our beautiful home, our healthy family, our prosperous financial situation - we still find ourselves with a heavy heart, dissatisfied, or even disappointed. 


There are times when our HEART is heavy and our SOUL is tired.


I have been moving through a season of this recently and it’s challenged me to dig deep into my reflective toolbox. 


In today's episode I am sharing some things that I do and meditate on that continue to help me move through dense, heavier periods of my life, not necessarily with ‘ease’, but certainly with way less force and fight and a whole lot more patience, understanding and grace.



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Episode 64: What makes you Qualified? IMPOSTOR Syndrome, Self Doubt and Owning Your Unique Gifts!

overcoming adversity Oct 05, 2022

WHO do you think you are? WHAT exactly makes you qualified to get out there and do the work you are doing? What makes you think you’ve ‘got what it takes’ to help others along their journey/talk about this stuff? Should you really be making that much money??


“God Does Not Call The Qualified – He Qualifies The Called”

This is perhaps one of my favorite quotes of all time. It is certainly one that I recall often, especially when the voices of doubt creep in and the old impostor visits. 


As I support clients, this conversation comes up often. The need for more and more information, more external validation, more connections before they MOVE. 


As I go through this process of 


Impostor syndrome calls us to remember who we actually are, where we come from and what we are actually positioned to do at this moment in time. 


In this episode we are unpacking:

  • The creeping thoughts that come in and how...
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Episode 63: On Anger, Compassion & Freedom + Using our GIFTS to FREE others with Miguel Sanchez

Today I’m joined by my dear friend and powerhouse of a man, Miguel Sanchez - who recently found himself in the midst of a shootout and his story of HOW he was called to deal w the shooter is just incredible.

We are getting raw and real (just how I like it!)  talking about hostage situations, being under the gun (literally at gun point!), in the pressure cooker and how we choose to respond under those situations.


Whether you are in high pressure stakes at home, in the business or finding yourself in the midst of chaotic and aggressive encounters - this show is for you.


We are talking about:


- Moving diligently and discerningly through hostile situations,

- How compassion WINS & transforms situations rather than fighting back

- Supernatural Interventions are REAL!

- Processing Unresolved Anger

- Dealing with Depression & The Heaviness of Life

- Finding inner FREEDOM    By letting go of outcomes

- The POWER of being a CHANNEL for...

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Episode 57: The KEY INVESTMENTS I Make That Continue To Create LEAPS In My Life

overcoming adversity Aug 17, 2022

I've gone through multiple deaths of my old ‘self’ and rebirths over the past 10 years. 

And with that has come many “upgrades” in how I think, what I believe, how I live and what desire to give - and receive. With each upgrade, I have been blessed with a new “normal” or reality around me. 

A NEW normal is absolutely available to those who are clear on what they ‘want’ and are willing to invest in the ‘work’ to get there. Today’s episode is about those investments.

There are some KEY things that I regularly invest in, without fail, without entertaining guilt, without hesitation.  Today I am sharing them with you because I've seen people struggle with the same things over and over again, and it always amazes me to see what the similarities are, in those that are MOVING forward and have things to share that are NEW (who are creating the life they desire) - and those that keep people cycling through...

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Episode 56: Dealing with Overwhelm: Gift or Curse? How to Overcome + Transform it!

overcoming adversity Aug 10, 2022


We all know that feeling. Of being completely overtaken by something, or so many things - so much so that we can’t think clearly anymore, can’t focus on the next step and become so consumed with what is at hand, we are unable to move in any direction. 


How do we handle it or manage those seasons when we are completely overwhelmed? The number of times I have found myself trying to ‘hold’ it all together and press forward, while being completely immobilized with the magnitude of things is countless. For years of my life I lived in a constant state of frustration, anger, and feeling behind. Overwhelmed by all the things.


Maybe it’s a never ending state for you. Maybe it happens every once in a while. If you're a business owner, an entrepreneur, a parent, a leader in any capacity, as a HUMAN, you get overwhelmed. It just IS part of our amazing design to be vessels that are so OPEN to receive so much - the ugly and the...

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