Episode 56: Dealing with Overwhelm: Gift or Curse? How to Overcome + Transform it!

overcoming adversity Aug 10, 2022


We all know that feeling. Of being completely overtaken by something, or so many things - so much so that we can’t think clearly anymore, can’t focus on the next step and become so consumed with what is at hand, we are unable to move in any direction. 


How do we handle it or manage those seasons when we are completely overwhelmed? The number of times I have found myself trying to ‘hold’ it all together and press forward, while being completely immobilized with the magnitude of things is countless. For years of my life I lived in a constant state of frustration, anger, and feeling behind. Overwhelmed by all the things.


Maybe it’s a never ending state for you. Maybe it happens every once in a while. If you're a business owner, an entrepreneur, a parent, a leader in any capacity, as a HUMAN, you get overwhelmed. It just IS part of our amazing design to be vessels that are so OPEN to receive so much - the ugly and the incredibly beautiful.


Today I am inviting you into a massive perspective shift and conscious upgrades in terms of the way that you engage with this state, how you view it and how to actually lean into it!


What if I told you that this ability to be OVERWHELMED is actually a GIFT if you learn how to harness it and channel it?


What if you could become overwhelmed with JOY? With excitement, inspiration - curiosity? With GRACE?


It’s true. And today I invite you into the conversation….


In this episode we unpack:

  • Two Root Causes for Overwhelm 
  • Comparisons will stop you dead in your tracks!
  • No boundaries = a hot mess!
  • Clarity is KING. So how do we get back there?
  • Overwhelmed, Consumed and Anxious - the Curse we can keep living out
  • How to turn the Curse into a BLESSING - the GIFT of Overwhelm
  • Opening ourselves up vs Numbing Out
  • How to OPEN the doors to more of what we DO want
  • CLOSING doors to that which consumes and paralyzes us


Today I am challenging you to CHOOSE your OVERWHELM loves and ditch the idea of “balance” . What if you actually fell in love with the idea of going ALL IN and bringing 100% of your attention to something or someone in the highest vibration possible?



You can be overcome by GRIEF and at the same time overwhelmed by GRACE, 

Overwhelmed by FEAR, or overwhelmed by FAITH

Overwhelmed by problems, or overtaken by BEAUTY


Who in their right mind would choose to be ‘under-whelmed?’ As for me, I want the depth and richness of it ALL. This is the place of miracles.


Bring it on.


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