Episode 81: On Overwhelm, Redefining Responsibility and Reclaiming Your Superpowers

leadership Feb 01, 2023


What do you do when you are Overwhelmed by the burdens of life and the weight of responsibility you are carrying?

There’s no denying that with any position of influence and Leadership, there also comes a great weight of responsibility. AND most often, the people who are carrying the weight for so many others, rarely have a place to go. You are the ONE everyone else is relying on; for all the answers, for the direction, for the permission. It’s often as it you are the pillar of strength that holds everything together and yet, inside - you often feel like you’re about to break. 

These questions often come up:

How can I keep up this pace?

What fire is going to come up today that I am going to have to put out? 

How can I get a break, let alone move FORWARD when I am always dealing with these issues at hand?

How can I possibly find balance and any kind of rest when my life is so busy/full?

Today’s episode is a must listen if you are in a position...

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Episode 63: On Anger, Compassion & Freedom + Using our GIFTS to FREE others with Miguel Sanchez

Today I’m joined by my dear friend and powerhouse of a man, Miguel Sanchez - who recently found himself in the midst of a shootout and his story of HOW he was called to deal w the shooter is just incredible.

We are getting raw and real (just how I like it!)  talking about hostage situations, being under the gun (literally at gun point!), in the pressure cooker and how we choose to respond under those situations.


Whether you are in high pressure stakes at home, in the business or finding yourself in the midst of chaotic and aggressive encounters - this show is for you.


We are talking about:


- Moving diligently and discerningly through hostile situations,

- How compassion WINS & transforms situations rather than fighting back

- Supernatural Interventions are REAL!

- Processing Unresolved Anger

- Dealing with Depression & The Heaviness of Life

- Finding inner FREEDOM    By letting go of outcomes

- The POWER of being a CHANNEL for...

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Episode 54: The Connected + Authentic Leader with Karen Hardwick

leadership Jul 27, 2022


We are hard wired for it biologically. Our bodies NEED it or we get sick + slowly die.

We are soft wired for it emotionally and spiritually. We’ve seen the mental health effects of isolation.

We crave to be seen, loved, appreciated, trusted and respected. 

We desire to be wanted and understood by others. 

It's IN us to love well and lead well.

It doesn’t matter if you are a CEO running a multimillion dollar company or a stay at home parent, we simply can not connect to anyone in honest, intimate and inspiring ways until we connect with ourselves authentically.

Connection heals our wounds, awakens our souls, and invites us into our most authentic, courageous, and integrated selves.

Today I am joined by Karen Hardwick,  psychotherapist turned leadership consultant with a Masters of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary and author of “The Connected Leader” and we are talking about the Art of Connection + how to overcome the...

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Episode 50: The TEST of a TRUE LEADER - What to Look For

leadership Jun 29, 2022

How do you KNOW what kind of King, Queen, LEADER you truly are?

HOW do we determine if we are succeeding or running this thing, this marriage, this company - off the rails?

I believe as leaders The ripple effect of our influence will have an impact on generations to come. 

It’s easy to view ourselves through both rose coloured, delusional glasses - in complete denial about what we are actually leaving as a legacy…

or  through really harsh ones where it feels like we can’t seem to do anything right.

Good, bad and everything in between - you are leaving a MARK on others and you have influence right now. The question then becomes - what INFLUENCE am I having on others?

Simply put the TEST is this:  What is LIFE like for the people we have been entrusted with?

Is your kingdom thriving or struggling right now?

We have all been entrusted with some kind of kingdom - no matter how ‘big’ or ‘small’ it may seem in your eyes. Big and...

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Episode #36: Getting into INTEGRITY with Mark Jewell

leadership Mar 23, 2022

Today I am joined by my husband, Mark as we dive into the topic of INTEGRITY.

Not the typical definition we are all familiar with: ”to be honest + have strong moral principles,  but the one listed here: 

Integrity: The State of Being WHOLE or UNDIVIDED. Soundness. Completeness.

Together, we are unpacking the conversation around WHAT is required to get things in “ORDER” or a state of WHOLENESS - internally and externally - and WHY this is SO essential as we move from one season of life into another. 

It is the real WORK that ensues as we step into more authentic versions of ourselves, as we commit to engaging in more powerful + meaningful work, and choose to strengthen our intimate relationships - growing together FOR something greater than us.

Most leaders would say they STAND for:

NOT Settling. 

Playing Full Out. 

Constantly GROWING and evolving themselves and others.

AND if we are going to live that way from a place of EXPANSIVENESS (not...

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Episode 25: Redefining it All - New Business “Blueprints”

leadership Jan 05, 2022

It's a new year and with it comes the optimal time to redefine, refine and upgrade our vision, standards and operating systems for the coming year.

Today I am diving into the Business side of things. For high performing leaders, this is a time of relentless focus on what the BUSINESS is going to do + how it will perform - so I thought I would invite you and challenge you into a different type of conversation around business, your mission - the core operating systems and standards you set for this year.

I invite you and challenge you to join me in today’s discussion as I look at DITCHING all the old programming for a fresh -  updated perspective and blueprint: God-Centered, Heart Driven and in FULL Integrity.

I share...

  • A Word of the Year - why it matters
  • My Personal Vision for 2022
  • Completely NEW ways of Operating and DOING “Business”  in 2022 and beyond
  • Out with ALL the old traditional marketing, sales, staff, competitive, production based systems and...
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Episode 14: Cultivating PRESENCE with Mark Jewell

leadership relationships Oct 20, 2021

In today’s episode I have a special guest with me. 

This MAN is the KING of PRESENCE. He has been a role model for me.

He has taught me so much about what it means to HOLD SPACE, to LISTEN, to ASK questions and simply be curious about life itself.

It brings me great joy to bring you today's podcast, alongside my husband, Mark Jewell.

In addition to being an incredible husband, father, son, friend, and MASTER of NAPS, 

He is the founder of Thrive Today which is THE Life Coaching Company for Corporate America.

If there is ONE Guiding Principle for Mark that he lives by, PRESENCE is it. 

In today’s episode we share:

  • The Addiction to Data + Information
  • RECLAIMING our TIME + Energy
  • How WE Personally Cultivate PRESENCE everyday, throughout the day
  • Practical ways to become more AWARE in the moment
  • The Three Game Changing C’s: Clarity, Certainty and Capacity
  • Presence is an INSIDE JOB

To learn more about private or group coaching, apply here....

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Episode 9: Super-Natural Strategies to WIN the Day

leadership Sep 15, 2021

WINNING the DAY does not have to be HARD or mean cramming MORE into your day. 

In fact, you WIN by clarifying, simplifying and multiplying what matters most.

In this episode I am going to dive into and share my top 5 Strategies to WIN the day as a Conscious Leader AND give you my personal daily planning method.

Are you a Conscious Leader? 

  • As a conscious leader, you are INTENTIONAL about what you desire to create
  • You are AWARE of what works, what doesn’t , what gets to be upgraded or refined along the way
  • You do not get pulled into the energy sucking games that throw most off course in the mindless ‘drift’ (See Episode 8)
  • You are CLEAR on what matters most and put structure in place to SUPPORT your FLOW and optimize your time, energy and focus

If all these are a resounding YES! Then join me in todays episode where I share...

  • My Personal Strategies for Success 
  • Simple + Powerful ways to Reclaim your Energy and Channel your Focus
  • How to...
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Who Is Your Master?

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate one and love the other, or you will be devoted to one and despise the other.
You can not serve God and be enslaved to money”.

- Matthew 6:24

WHO is your MASTER?
WHAT REWARDS are you chasing down in your life?

When we worship things OF the world, we become puppets of the world.

We become slaves to our business.

We become slaves to our schedule.

We become slaves to what we “created” that has now taken over us. We think we are “in charge”, but we know who’s really holding the reigns.

And it isn’t you. If you slow down, if you let go, if you RELAX and follow your heart, there is a deep sense that it will all fall apart.

So you keep choosing. And you are always in FULL choice.

Sovereignty means to be FREE.

It is our natural BIRTHRIGHT to be free men and women, leaders delivering our unique gifts TO the world.

When you are devoted to the DIVINE - serving GOD...

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The Longest and Most Fulfilling Journey

There is an old Sioux proverb that says:  

 “The longest journey in your LIFE is the journey from your HEAD to your HEART”  

There is so much truth in this.  

I fundamentally believe you will NEVER be able to experience true success, fulfillment, peace, or lasting joy without making this critical 18-inch journey.  

As high achievers we’ve bought into a program that teaches success is all about mastering our “mindset” yet I call total BULLS***T!  

You can’t master your mind if you’re STUCK in it all the time.

In order to “master” your mindset, it requires you step OUT of your head, away from the noise, distraction, illusions, and become the observer and director of it.

Yet, we refuse to take time to sit still, pull out, and go to the depths of where the true magic lies.   We end up just fighting against ourselves the whole way through “willpower” and “force”...

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