Episode 81: On Overwhelm, Redefining Responsibility and Reclaiming Your Superpowers

leadership Feb 01, 2023


What do you do when you are Overwhelmed by the burdens of life and the weight of responsibility you are carrying?

There’s no denying that with any position of influence and Leadership, there also comes a great weight of responsibility. AND most often, the people who are carrying the weight for so many others, rarely have a place to go. You are the ONE everyone else is relying on; for all the answers, for the direction, for the permission. It’s often as it you are the pillar of strength that holds everything together and yet, inside - you often feel like you’re about to break. 

These questions often come up:

How can I keep up this pace?

What fire is going to come up today that I am going to have to put out? 

How can I get a break, let alone move FORWARD when I am always dealing with these issues at hand?

How can I possibly find balance and any kind of rest when my life is so busy/full?

Today’s episode is a must listen if you are in a position of leadership - and I believe that truly is any of you who have been entrusted with - a family, a team, a community. 

In Todays Episode I unpack

  • The stacking of emotions that creates walls of resistance
  • Redefining Responsibility - Why this is KEY to finding calm and clarity
  • The Armor, Walls and Masks we build up just to stay strong for everyone else
  • Discovering your ‘emotional home’ and set point you always tend to come back to
  • How to SHIFT your state from overwhelmed, anxious and tense to calm and clear! 
  • Learning to HOLD a different state as the norm. 
  • 3 Powerful Mindset Shifts you can tap into and implement this week that will begin to change the way you look at ‘problems’ and engage as a leader

The GREATER your position, the more you have at RISK. The more you worry about LOSING but the reality is …

The more you have to GAIN + INFLUENCE + IMPACT + CREATE. 

The KEY is keeping your gaze focused on what matters most and staying in the place of expansion, versus the frenzy of contraction.

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