Episode 63: On Anger, Compassion & Freedom + Using our GIFTS to FREE others with Miguel Sanchez

Today I’m joined by my dear friend and powerhouse of a man, Miguel Sanchez - who recently found himself in the midst of a shootout and his story of HOW he was called to deal w the shooter is just incredible.

We are getting raw and real (just how I like it!)  talking about hostage situations, being under the gun (literally at gun point!), in the pressure cooker and how we choose to respond under those situations.


Whether you are in high pressure stakes at home, in the business or finding yourself in the midst of chaotic and aggressive encounters - this show is for you.


We are talking about:


- Moving diligently and discerningly through hostile situations,

- How compassion WINS & transforms situations rather than fighting back

- Supernatural Interventions are REAL!

- Processing Unresolved Anger

- Dealing with Depression & The Heaviness of Life

- Finding inner FREEDOM    By letting go of outcomes

- The POWER of being a CHANNEL for God to work through you

- The Life Altering power or Owning your GIFTS


There’s so much Gold In this interview/conversation!


I have the utmost respect for Miguel as well as other men and women who are unapologetically showing UP as true leaders in today’s times , rather than just talking the talk.


YESSSS to More of THIS!


Connect with Miguel:

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/miguelsanchezspeaker/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miguel.sanchezaraiza


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