Who Is Your Master?

No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate one and love the other, or you will be devoted to one and despise the other.
You can not serve God and be enslaved to money”.

- Matthew 6:24

⚜️ WHO is your MASTER?
⚜️ WHAT is your ALLEGIANCE to?
⚜️ WHAT REWARDS are you chasing down in your life?

When we worship things OF the world, we become puppets of the world.

We become slaves to our business.

We become slaves to our schedule.

We become slaves to what we “created” that has now taken over us. We think we are “in charge”, but we know who’s really holding the reigns.

And it isn’t you. If you slow down, if you let go, if you RELAX and follow your heart, there is a deep sense that it will all fall apart.

So you keep choosing. And you are always in FULL choice.

Sovereignty means to be FREE.

It is our natural BIRTHRIGHT to be free men and women, leaders delivering our unique gifts TO the world.

When you are devoted to the DIVINE - serving GOD first and aligning your HEART ♥️ to your divine calling and gifts, PROSPERITY & PEACE flow.

To be Prosperous is a natural state of being when you are in full alignment.

You become prosperous in ALL areas of your life. This is what true wealth is. It’s not about accumulating a pile of cash in the hopes it will fix your problems.

It’s about living IN RICHNESS every day.
IN Joy
IN Peace
IN Love
IN Faithfulness
IN Devotion to your Calling
IN Abundance

The rewards are many to those who pledge their allegiance NOT to the MASTERS of this world or to things -> other people, money, status, stuff

but to the ONE who is the creator of ALL things. Just IMAGINE what would open up for you if you chose to SHIFT your allegiance?

Not sure where your allegiance is?

Look at your schedule.

Who and WHAT do you GIVE your precious time and energy to? What captures your attention?

Look at your BANK accounts.

Who and WHAT do you GIVE your precious money to? What is considered a necessity?
What is a considered a bonus?

Look at your BODY

Is it a reflection of strength, energy and endurance? Or is it a reflection of exhaustion and slavery to food, alcohol, caffeine, business?
What do you feed the vessel that is the channel for communication, execution and receivership?

Look at your HEART

Is it hardened. Resentful... Harboring the past and anxious about the future?
Or is it open, forgiving and relaxed in the PRESENT?

Look at your HOME.

What is it FULL of?
What stuff do you collect? What books do you read? Is it cluttered or clear?

Look at your LANGUAGE

What comes out of tour mouth?
Is it worry, doubt, judgement, problems?
Or trust, acceptance, understanding, clear solutions.

If you want to know who you SERVE,
Simply LOOK around.

It won’t take you long to figure it out.
I’m checking into this on a daily basis myself.


Here is the beautiful thing my loves.

At any given point in time, you can DECIDE to shift your ALLEGIANCE.


You can choose to become a servant ONLY to God and your Mission.

You can choose to become a MASTER of your tools, time, energy and money. You can choose to become the MASTER of your things and you decide what to do with them. They don’t RULE you.

We are GIVEN these things as resources. It’s up to US how we utilize them. If we are not careful, they quickly take over and become masters over us.

That’s how the physical and mental world works.

If you WANT to become a true KING or QUEEN
You must be aware of the traps that lure you in to enslavement. It’s a slippery slope.

A BENEVOLENT KING or QUEEN are in SERVICE to GOD first & to each other as husband and wife, Masculine and Feminine - United. With this, they become an unstoppable force for good and prosperity- not only in their house, but for all who are in their realm.

This has been my own journey and revelation.
Each day, I remember MORE of who I AM And WHAT I am here to do.

Each day I am more renewed and precise in this realignment.

It is an incredible journey and RICHLY rewarding in ALL areas.

Queen of Hearts