The Longest and Most Fulfilling Journey

There is an old Sioux proverb that says:  

 “The longest journey in your LIFE is the journey from your HEAD to your HEART”  

There is so much truth in this.  

I fundamentally believe you will NEVER be able to experience true success, fulfillment, peace, or lasting joy without making this critical 18-inch journey.  

As high achievers we’ve bought into a program that teaches success is all about mastering our “mindset” yet I call total BULLS***T!  

You can’t master your mind if you’re STUCK in it all the time.

In order to “master” your mindset, it requires you step OUT of your head, away from the noise, distraction, illusions, and become the observer and director of it.

Yet, we refuse to take time to sit still, pull out, and go to the depths of where the true magic lies.   We end up just fighting against ourselves the whole way through “willpower” and “force”  


Because somewhere along the line, we bought into an idea that slowing down will set us back somehow. That we have to be “ON” or we will be left behind,

We will miss the next big opportunity if we aren't always 'looking for it'. We bought the idea that if we don't work our asses off and produce nonstop, others won’t respect us as much.  

We think that opening ourselves up too much is dangerous, we will be taken advantage of and possibly hurt in a massive way, so we protect ourselves by wearing masks and armor plates over our hearts.  

And in doing so we remain prisoners in our minds that never seem to shut off and be quiet for long enough...

EVEN when we do begin to “meditate” or practice breathwork as a starting point, we don’t LISTEN to what our heart has to say!  

We pray and do our religious/spiritual practices, only to jump right back into our head and it’s old automatic habits.     

We get an instant and momentary sense of release from the pressure which makes us feel better for a few minutes,  but then we feel anxious again soon enough.  

We MISSED the whole point of the practice we just did! It just becomes another “thing” to knock off our list to make us feel more accomplished and more evolved.   Ha! Isn’t that the great joke? How is that working?  

It doesn’t because you’re not LISTENING and following your heart.   


Is Your mind is using you as a tool?

INSTEAD of YOU using your mind as the tool?


If you’re someone who is truly READY to explore more of what life has to offer you, I challenge you to RISE into this invitation.   It will be the hardest (to your old self) and the MOST life-giving thing you ever do for yourself.  

Acknowledge that your “mind” can only take you so far.  

It’s good in the beginning to have plans, create strategies, set goals, exert your free will, and keep pushing on.  


At a certain point, being in your head 24/7 is exhausting and unsustainable. It creates more brain fog and less clarity. It keeps us questioning ourselves and others. It BLOCKS true LOVE and intimacy from appearing in your life.  

To become a master of your mind means to become intimate with your heart. 

To go there and LISTEN to it. Give your heart space in your world. Give your heart a voice. Explore what’s inside. Heal the wounds, explore its deepest desires, and share it with the world.  

 Give your HEART a chance to show you the MAGIC and miracles that are available to you on the other side when you are willing to release the grip of control.  

It is here I have reconnected with my Souls True Mate and met my KING, the love of my life - where I feel completely seen, heard, respected, and supported! 

It is here my body, mind and heart are at PEACE when I wake up in the morning.

It is here I discovered my divine gifts and aligned my passion + purpose to grow my business in the most fulfilling way.  

It is here I co-create daily from inspiration and excitement, Instead of stress and reaction.  

It is here, my body is thriving because I’ve finally listened to its wisdom.   It is here, I have seen my own miracles - in money multiplying, in love growing deeper, in what my body is capable of and I’m so excited to see what else is in store now that THIS is the “new” normal.  

Are you READY for a NEW "Normal"?

I would love to support you in making this journey from your head to your heart.

If you want to explore what this looks like through my Aligned Experience Coaching, or through some deep-dive sessions, see how you can work with me here.


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Until Next Time, Here's to living a life of purpose + passion!