Episode 86: Overcoming Anxiety and Living Lighter Again with Dr. Jennifer Blossom

overcoming adversity Mar 08, 2023

Today I’m joined by Dr Jennifer Blossom - host of the Dr Jennifer Blossom Show, mother, wife and creator of Neuro 5x ~ a program she developed after learning to navigate and overcome her own struggles with chronic anxiety and panic attacks.  

Jen & I met at a conference recently where we instantly hit it off as we share the same for EXTRA-ORDINARILY success without the mental + relational breakdowns that so many high achievers deal with. . 

Today we are talking about the power of moving suppressed Energy, God at work in our lives and becoming mentally strong in the face of challenges.


We are unpacking:

    ⁃    The LABELS we give ourselves and the dangers of identifying with them

    ⁃    From Crippling Fear and Anxiety to being full of life force! 

    ⁃    The thoughts behind the labels we place on ourselves

    ⁃    The Silent Sufferer

    ⁃    What happens at a subconscious level when we are labeled?

    ⁃    Stuffers and Silent Stuffers - releasing the pressure

    ⁃    Toxic Positivity and Rejecting others



Letting Go - The Pathway to Surrender

Igniting Your Energetic Power with Christine Jewell on The Dr. Jennifer Blossom Show


Connect with Dr. Jennifer Blossom:

Neuro 5x : www.drjenniferblossom.com/edge

Website : https://www.drjenniferblossom.com/

IG: @drjenniferblossom


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