Episode 53: Rebuilding Trust When It Has Been Broken

How do we begin to heal, restore and rebuild trust after it’s been broken?

Perhaps there's been an affair, emotional or physical cheating, or trust has been broken in other ways:  confidentiality was broken, financial mistakes swept under the rug, lack of follow through on empty promises. Lots of words and no action to back it up.

Nothing feels more painful, confusing and disheartening at the moment.

Anytime we enter into an agreement with someone,  it often comes with a whole set of unspoken expectations and hopes of how things are going to be, and when they don’t go according to plan, we become shattered. Regardless of our story, we know that if we don't honor and heal the pain of the past, those wounds will remain open and we will inevitably end repeating those patterns over and over again. 

In today’s episode I am breaking it down into two sections:

Part one is for the person that broke the trust

  • What does Radial Ownership look and sound...
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Episode 51: How To Create Momentum + Unlock Flow

overcoming adversity Jul 06, 2022

What to DO when nothing is working....

Feeling Stuck, Stalled or Contracting? How do you tap back into Momentum and get back into the FLOW again?

We all hit those spots - Where all of a sudden, it feels like nothing you are doing is working right & what always used to work to get results, is no longer working. In fact, it may even be causing more problems than anything. What gives?

I believe this is the exact moment we are on the cusp of a breakthrough or upgrade and the way through it without breaking everything down is to move into the space of momentum where things are flowing naturally, vs being forced.

In today's episode I am talking about the KEY areas where we get stuck and HOW to move past them:

  • How to move beyond frustration and discouragement
  • How to open up energy when you are feeling drained/exhausted
  • How to lighten the load when you are feeling burdened - heavy, weighed down
  • The ONE fast thing I do to clean things up and set myself up to MOVE Forward
  • The...
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Episode 49: What are you fighting FOR? Awakening the Warrior Within!

overcoming adversity Jun 22, 2022

It’s a dangerous place to be. 

That place where you begin to notice you have lost your inner fire, your vision suddenly becomes blurry, your thoughts unfocused, and you are tired - exhausted.

You are tired from fighting constant battles, tired from putting out one fire after another, reacting to everyone and everything around you instead of LEADING with conviction, clarity and certainty. 

It’s a dangerous place to be when you forget your REASONS to fight FOR something better - for yourself, for your children, your family, your future generations - and you start fighting for all the wrong reasons. 

If we don’t learn to fight FOR the RIGHT reasons, we will eventually pass on the responsibility of breaking the chains of the past, healing generations of pain and wounding and installing NEW standards for what life gets to look like - onto someone else. 

In today's show we are talking about

  • REMEMBERING what the fight is actually FOR 
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Episode 46: The Addiction Free Lifestyle with Ronnie Landis - Breaking Free from Addiction

overcoming adversity Jun 01, 2022

Ronnie Landis is a leading expert in holistic health, natural nutrition, peak performance, and human potential. He is also an international speaker, author, entrepreneur, and a full-time athlete.

He holds a 3rd-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do, is a former semi-professional athlete and holistic practitioner for years. Ronnie focuses his life work on educating people on optimizing the body, sharpening the mind, and expanding the human spirit.

Today we are talking about addiction but specifically the addictive/coping strategies we turn to and the psycho/emotional things going on below the surface that drive these behaviors. 

Whether it’s closet eating, unconscious social media scrolling, alcohol dependency, retail therapy, sex addictions, nicotine…  The list goes on - we can all relate at some level - and many high achievers have grown up in homes where addiction was part of our upbringing. 

In this episode we unpack:

  • The two things that make...
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Episode 40: Redefine Failure & Unlimit Your Potential with Seth Pepper

overcoming adversity Apr 20, 2022

If you couldn’t lose, what would life look like right now? 

In today’s episode I am joined by Seth Pepper, High Performance Coach and mindset mentor to top athletes, coaches and companies and we are redefining failure. Specifically we unpacked what it takes to normalize GREATNESS. 

At the age of 14, Seth chose his sport and within just six years of that first day in the pool, he became one of the fastest swimmers on Earth. What carried him all the way to the top – was developing the power of his MIND. Along the way, he won 2 National Championships, held the #4 Ranking in the World and was inducted into The Hall of Fame. 


The impossible… isn’t.


I loved everything about today’s conversation! 


Feeling uncomfortable? -> That's Life -> Life BEGINS at the edge of your comfort zone.


Your Results Are Not Your Identity

It’s amazing how many “Yes” are waiting out there if you are...

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Episode 32: Better Than Before: Rebuilding Relationships Post Divorce


In today’s episode, I am joined by my clients, Jordan + Eric for a client interview and real-life example of two people who are committed to doing the WORK to create the relationship they desire after two really tough marriages.

They entered their second marriage with high hopes that the past was behind and things were going to be smooth sailing! But soon enough they began to realize that those same issues and painful triggers from the past were showing up again and again, themselves in a different outfit.


Frustrated,  and at a complete loss on WHAT to do - they reached out and committed to this JOURNEY together. They soon began to realize there was a GAP in what they THOUGHT they needed from each other  vs what was actually required from both of them to CREATE the new.


As always, it starts with US - not the other person.


The beautiful thing about these two is that they DECIDED together to truly become co-creators of the NEW together -...

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Episode 31: When others aren't ” measuring up”

Dealing with others who see things completely opposite than we do can be incredibly challenging at times. Whether it’s our partner, our EX-spouse, our young adult children who are choosing ways that make ZERO sense to our logical mind. The way we handle and view Our differences can create a LOT of tension, stress and chaos in our lives.

In todays’ episode we are talking about how to handle the traps we easily fall into when others are not measuring up to our expectations and standards.

What do you DO when someone you love thinks and acts in ways that make NO sense to you?
What about an EX husband or wife who raises the children in a completely different WAY than you would like or believe is best?
How do you navigate teens and young adults who go against the grain on the foundational things you stand for?

Today I invite you into a radical perspective shift and conscious UPGRADE as we embrace a DIFFERENT way of Looking at others and situations

We explore some of my favorite...

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Episode 30: Overcoming the Saviour Complex + Empowering One Another

Today's episode is part 2 on overcoming the "saviour" complex and moving into a place of truly EMPOWERED connection with others.

Creating the SPACE for others to DISCOVER their own strength, courage, wisdom + processes.

 It is so ENERGIZING to be IN an intimate relationship with someone who has inner confidence, takes personal ownership over their own actions and BRINGS their own ideas/vision/solutions and unique GENIUS to the relationship. 

AND .... This is a conversation transcends just our 'love' lives. 

It is practical and applicable to how we parent our kids, especially those 'young adults' stepping into their OWN ways. With our adult 'children', when to get involved, and when to LET THEM Be. Too many adults out there are still over-parenting and bailing their adult children out 20, 30, 40 years later! 

It filters into how we lead our teams at work - FREEING ourselves up to gain back more time to work...

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Episode 27: Ditch “SELF”-Love for a Legacy of LOVE

In today’s episode, I debunk some popular philosophies out there, including all this “SELF” love BS that’s got so many people, especially women - chronically dissatisfied and disappointed when it comes to their ‘love’ lives.

The NEED for connection and intimacy is HARD wired in us. Our bodies are literally made to experience it. Think of how our bodies simply RESPOND to touch, closeness, affection. They light up, turn on, relax, open up as the oxytocin is released, our heart rate shifts and body leans in.

We are SOFT wired for it. Our hearts are forever longing for it, hoping for it… seeking it out. Humans will do anything just to feel seen, heard and wanted. Battles have been fought and wars ignited in the name of love.

It’s undeniable. We are MADE for connection, but if that is so why are so many of us struggling in this department, where do we begin in order to cultivate deeper more meaningful connections AND what has got to go...

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Episode 26: "Victim" Consciousness + Breaking FREE of the BLAME GAME in Relationships

We ALL Desire a safe, supportive relationship - one where we are SEEN, HEARD and that feels GOOD to be IN.

And yet - SO so many couples I work with are STUCK looping through this level of consciousness and playing this familiar pattern out that is so PAINFUL to watch and be a part of.

They feel unheard, unseen, unwanted and... you guessed it - It's the "OTHER PERSON's" fault!

It's the Victim/Aggressor Game and when you are in this pattern it just SUCKS the life right out of YOU, your relationship and your MISSION.

It's a REAL thing and it's way more prevalent than we like to admit or acknowledge.

In today's episode I unpack some of the core issues that keep us in this pattern & how to move BEYOND the level of consciousness that keeps creating 'problems', feeling out of control and triggered 24/7.

This is THE FOUNDATIONAL tipping point to take you FROM a relationship that is just FRUSTRATING to one that is LIFE GIVING to be in!

We dive into:

  • How to tell if you're in a...
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