Episode 27: Ditch “SELF”-Love for a Legacy of LOVE

In today’s episode, I debunk some popular philosophies out there, including all this “SELF” love BS that’s got so many people, especially women - chronically dissatisfied and disappointed when it comes to their ‘love’ lives.

The NEED for connection and intimacy is HARD wired in us. Our bodies are literally made to experience it. Think of how our bodies simply RESPOND to touch, closeness, affection. They light up, turn on, relax, open up as the oxytocin is released, our heart rate shifts and body leans in.

We are SOFT wired for it. Our hearts are forever longing for it, hoping for it… seeking it out. Humans will do anything just to feel seen, heard and wanted. Battles have been fought and wars ignited in the name of love.

It’s undeniable. We are MADE for connection, but if that is so why are so many of us struggling in this department, where do we begin in order to cultivate deeper more meaningful connections AND what has got to go once and for all?

This episode is inspired by my own journey of self discovery as I released the world's BS about ‘self’ love and adopted our DESIGN FOR love.

It began as a wild love affair with God, discovering the woman inside, and inevitably this led to a beautiful and supportive relationship with my husband.

I dive into this and so much more in today’s show:

  • Where and how intimacy actually starts
  • Why the ‘self’ love myth is robbing us of what we actually want
  • Is it love or is it self indulgence, lust and neediness?
  • REDEFINING what love actually means and how to go about nourishing ourselves + each other
  • How to get beyond SURFACE level relationships, including attracting emotionally unavailable people
  • The game changing Questions that can only be answered by your Creator
  • How to access the RARE legacy of love many dream of, but few will ever experience

So much goodness in today’s episode!

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