Episode 70: Anxiety, Consumption and Temptations

Feeling overcome with anxiety or dread can be difficult to pull yourself out of, especially once these negative feelings start to take over your day. However, if we can pinpoint what it is that is leading to these physical and emotional responses, it can become easier to find that peace of mind we are searching for. So, where do we begin with finding our triggers? In this episode, I will be sharing several temptations to be aware of that may be pulling you away from your internal voice, in hopes of helping you shed the external factors contributing to your anxiety.

We’ve got to be aware of what is going on around us, but it is important that we are never consumed by it. It is up to us to shift the narrative in our life so that it is aligned with who we want to be and where we want to go. Stop spiraling into worry and fretting over information that is being thrown your way and start seeing it for what it is: data and information.

In today’s episode I am unpacking:

  • The importance of being conscious of the labels that we embrace.
  • How to stop being consumed by the negative things in your life.
  • How to shift your meditative energy to something positive rather than pessimistic thoughts.
  • Why it is essential to evaluate what we are consuming day to day.
  • How to find your triggers of anxiety.
  • The importance of being aware of your temptations.
  • How to shift the tables so that you are consuming the data that you need to be consuming.

I hope today’s episode will encourage you in the midst of hard times, inspire you to breathe more life into your vision, and keep MOVING forward in faith!

“What you consume, consumes you.”


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