Episode 79: Rebuilding On SOLID Ground, Not Quicksand!

overcoming adversity Jan 18, 2023

How do I rebuild my life on a new foundation so I don't keep recreating the past and reliving the same lessons?

Today's episode is part 3 of a 3 part series on reclaiming, restoring and rebuilding the life you are created for!

I speak to so many people who desperately desire a whole new - healthy -relationship, a new way of doing business that doesn’t burn them out and have them resenting their businesses, a whole new way that is a more sustainable way of living where they can actually ENJOY life instead of oozing in guilt and anxiety 24/7.

And yet, they don't take the time and space to put the right scaffolding and structure in place before they start stacking on bricks. They become impatient - rushing to piece things together to appease their own insecurities. In essence, they are trying to shortcut their way to an extraordinary life.

It never works.

In the end, they wasted copious amounts of our energy, money, time on the wrong people, being in the wrong places, working on the wrong projects, fighting over the wrong things!

What if instead we retrained ourselves to SLOW down and build things in the right order?

In todays episode I unpack...

• The 10 mistakes people make when trying create the NEW

• What to FOCUS on in the building/creation process (it’s rarely what people are doing)

• Why we try to bypass the process

• Getting out of your own way and learning to become a co-creator

• Common questions and frustrations I hear from clients

• How to get the groundwork IN place! This applies to any area of life.

Get clear on these 10 things and you will have a successful and sustainable structure in place for things to multiply in your life!


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