Episode 113: RESTLESS! Moving from Complexity to Simplicity

Uncategorized Sep 13, 2023

In today's episode, I dive deep into the sense of restlessness that plagues many of us in our addiction to over-complicating our lives. The challenges of navigating a world filled with constant information overload and distractions are REAL my friends

This topic of ‘restlessness’, misalignment and overload; frequently arises in my coaching sessions and my own life experiences. Our energy and superpowers - unharnessed - can quickly spiral when we lack the boundaries (structure) and clarity to keep us focused and grounded in the middle of a million distractions and demands.. Before we know it we find ourselves restless and anxious, swimming in a sea of overwhelm.

Here’s what we covered in todays show: 

Segment 1: The World of Overwhelm (0:00 - 03:21)

  • The prevalence of information overload and distractions in our daily lives.
  • The feeling of being constantly pulled in multiple directions.
  • The importance of breaking free from these distractions to be more present and focused.

Segment 2: State Shifting for Clarity (03:22 - 07:45)

  • The role of state shifting in creating an open and receptive environment.
  • The startling statistics on our ability to retain information.
  • The need to shift mindsets and physical states to improve information retention.

Segment 3: Embracing Simplicity and Slowing Down (07:46 - 13:52)

  • The impact of overwhelm on clients and individuals.
  • FOMO and the pressure to make quick decisions.
  • The invitation to slow down, simplify, and cut ties with complexity.
  • The importance of self-reflection and identifying restlessness in various aspects of life.

Segment 4: Navigating Restlessness (13:53 - 17:06)

  • Strategies for slowing down our thinking and observing our thoughts.
  • The power of asking better questions to understand restlessness.
  • Recognizing and dispelling false beliefs and thought patterns.
  • Identifying areas in life that are no longer in alignment with our true desires.
  • The courage required to embrace change and the unknown.

I encourage you to lean into that restlessness instead of trying to run from it. Simplify your life, and explore what your soul is truly longing for in this season.

In doing so you will begin a transformative journey towards greater clarity and fulfillment!

Tune in to the full episode here to discover how to find peace in the midst of complexity and embrace the power of simplicity.


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