Episode 78: Coming Back to Wholeness: Restoring The 3 Key Relationships Of Your Life

relationships Jan 11, 2023

Restoring our IDENTITY, HEARTS and LIFE... How do I feel whole again?

How do I make sure that this time around I don't make the same mistakes I made in my last relationship, or in the past?

How can I be ALL IN and fully PRESENT in this relationship, right now, and show up so I don't keep recycling the past?

These are just a few of the questions I get asked on a regular basis.

It's inevitable, if you are human, you have experienced brokenness at some level. Parts of us have been lost, shattered or fragmented through the challenges of our past. Many of us end up rejecting parts of our inner being completely! We become terrified that if we revisit or show certain parts of ourselves to the world we will be rejected, judged, perhaps even abandoned. This leaves us in a dilemma where we feel like something is missing. We are not living fully expressed. We are still hiding.

And my dear warriors, you are not created to be in hiding - to be doubting your message or value - or to be holding yourself back! (Yes - we are most often the ones keeping ourselves from the life we long for)

Todays episode is part 2 of a 3 p art series on Reclaiming, Restoring and Rebuilding the LIFE you are created for and CALLED to LIVE.

In todays Episode I am diving into:

  • What does RESTORATION actually mean? Here's My definition...
  • The 3 KEY relationships that we must RESTORE in order to experience wholeness again
  • Is your capacity outpacing your character?
  • What happens when our character can't hold, sustain or multiply what we desire?
  • Do NOT dive into the new unless you do this first!

When we restore with God, we not only bring something back to it's former state and re-instate it, we receive something better than we ever had before!

MORE than you could ask for, need or imagine...

What needs restoration in your life right now? What feels like something is missing? In

Let's dive in!


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