Episode 82: How to Connect with Disconnected Partners

relationships Feb 08, 2023


What do you do when it feels like you are doing so much work on yourself and you wife/husband or loved ones are simply not along for the ride?

What do you when life takes over and you find yourselves growing apart rather than together?

It's not uncommon to hear someone say, I am the one doing ALL the inner work, personal development and growing while my partner is resisting their own journey.

So, what do you DO?

HOW can you re-engage with a disengaged partner?

That's exactly what I am diving into in today's episode. This is a struggle I know well from many years of trying to 'bring' people I loved along for my ride. Today I introduce you to conscious and strategic upgrade in HOW you are thinking about your relationship, where you might be blinded and what you can instead of the same old things - to mix things up!

As always, we lead with the supernatural and heavenly principles of LOVING one another and meeting each other where we are at.

Things we unpack further:

  • The blind spots you may or may not be seeing
  • What are you bringing to the table?
  • How to diffuse defensiveness and dissolve walls
  • What to focus on and hold steadfast in - versus what you react to
  • 5 Approaches you can take this week to shift the state of your relationship


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