Episode 84: The ONE Shift Into More Abundance and FLOW

abundance + prosperity Feb 22, 2023

What can we do to LIVE more abundantly, to experience MORE of the RICHES of life and less of the pressure cooker that comes with lack and scarcity?

How do we GET into the place of FLOW and how to we STAY there?

Even though we want it, desire it and crave to be in a place of freedom, flow and prosperity - it often seems to be a distant dream or something we experience in little pockets here and there.

Is there a formula for this? What is the key to making the switch?

This week's episode is a continuation from last weeks conversation on the BLOCKS to abundance and we are flipping the script! While I could share an entire list of things that have allowed me to change the name of the game and experience more abundance in my life, I wanted to keep it super simple.

ONE thing. ONE Shift. ONE simple but not always easy action that consistently opens things back up again. As always there is just ONE thing that is the first domino that begins to set everything else in motion. This is it for me. Time and time again.

I guarantee if you tune into and IMPLEMENT this ONE thing, a new world will begin to present itself to you! A world of opportunities, new relationships, introductions and unexpected increases that were under your nose the whole time - you were just blinded to them by the veil of lack, fear and mistrust!

In this episode I share:

  • My ONE thing that consistently gets me back in the flow and back into a state of abundance
  • Getting away from the peaks and valleys and into the FLUID waves that are more enjoyable to ride
  • the ART of CONGRUENCY - why you've got to know your VALUES
  • Ditch the 'unnatural' ways of doing things
  • The "FEAR" of God vs the "FEAR" of everything else.
  • The two types of contractions in the growth process - the killer and the supporter
  • Being OPEN while navigating the storms of life, deadlines and high output weeks.
  • Moving from distracted, energetically exhausted to fully PRESENT + Energetically Balanced
  • You CAN have MORE than enough energy, focus, clarity AND have storms happening around you - YOU are the CENTER. The CALM observer or you are caught up in it!


"Excuses are the ENEMY'S Whispers trying to derail you, separate you and keep you from GODS Blessings"

"Wherever there is MORE ALIGNMENT, there is MORE EASE"

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